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Taxa Monthly Highlights for September 2021

Greetings Community,

Below please find the monthly highlights for September.


Taxa SDK:

  • Released V0.2.3, and enabled support for P2P network mode on OSX;
  • Released multiple misc updates: 1) install_taxa_keys features, 2) fixed the timeout issue to external requests, 3) customized port and protocol for key_managers from TaxaRequest object.

Taxa Node & Network:

  • Conducted internal testing of the TEE mining mechanism.


Taxa Developer Grant Program:

We are pleased to introduce the Taxa Developer Grant Program. The goal of the Program is to grow the Taxa ecosystem, foster a dynamic Taxa developer community, and encourage creative applications built with the Taxa platform.

The Program consists of multiple phases so as to help developers to kick start their development journey with Taxa, and by accomplishing the challenges of each phase developers shall earn their chances to receive the award granted by Taxa.

Phase I aims at helping developers kick start with the first step of developing with Taxa: set up the development environment, and communicate with tServices. Each winner will receive 7,000 TXT, until the total award pool of Phase I is all consumed.

Read more about how to participate here.

About Taxa

Taxa Network is a privacy-preserving, computationally powerful, blockchain agnostic middleware infrastructure. Designed with a layered architecture philosophy, and built with cutting edge trusted execution environment (TEE) technologies, Taxa aims at enabling the Web 3.0 apps to develop and thrive. With Taxa, developers are able to unlock whole new possibilities in privacy-centric, data-intensive or computation-heavy scenarios in DeFi, NFT, gaming, AI/Machine Learning, etc.

Connect with us: Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Meetup



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