Taxibeater — not your average book worm

As 2016 draws to an end I’m starting to realise that I’ ve changed quite a bit over the last year. So have my colleagues. Come to think of it, Taxibeat as a whole has changed even more. It would be quite fitting to delve into the “chicken or egg” dilemma but I think I’ll go with causal interaction on this one.

From my operational standpoint, I’ve seen colleagues and whole teams face unprecedented challenges this year from which they’ve come out stronger and wiser. But Taxibeat wouldn’t be able to stand stronger than the sum of its parts if we hadn’t, as a company set up a set of coping mechanisms and safeguards to ensure that everyone gets the inspiration and advice they need right in time to help their power through.

Investing in knowledge is a big part of how we do it.

For instance, the first Friday of each month is called a Free Friday at Taxibeat, and is dedicated to our personal development. On that day, people can read their book, have an e-course and work on personal projects. Anyone is encouraged to order any book he/she feels will take his/her skills one step further, and is encouraged to pass it along when they are finished with it. Of course people can keep the books if they want to have them at home or wish to write personal notes on them but sharing our books makes much more sense than cutting down more trees for the same need within the company.

We also organise talks in-house. Last year we took turns in presenting internally something we loved that believed could inspire and help others around us. That’s how I found out that Theodora was a secret Marie Kondo fan and had a blog with tips on how to organize one’s stuff better!

Some of our bookshelves

This year we decided to do it the other way round. We invited people from completely different backgrounds and used the time with them as an external stimulus. Kind of what happens when you read a really good book. We’ve had painters, coaches, athletes, yogis…at times even our CEO steps in to share some wisdom.

Whenever a new Taxibeater joins our team, we send her a boxi (Taxibeat’s door to door service) which contains Taxibeat goodies and a book (which can be either tailored to her position or a self-improvement book). On her first day at work, we send out an email to the whole company introducing her to everyone, sharing information such as the person’s favourite book or author. This way, the new person can positively influence someone about something they had no knowledge of, before they even begin working with us. And it is also a good ice-breaker for those first chats in the hall.

Next year we are thinking of setting up a book club with monthly gatherings where whoever feels like it, can share something intriguing he/she has read.

In order to find out which were the most popular readings of the year we run a survey internally. Underneath you may find the 5 most read and suggested books for 2016. Hope you find something inspirational in their pages as well.

Wishes for a joyful and ground-breaking 2017!