Taxify Hits 10M Users Globally

More than 10 million riders and 500 thousand drivers are now using Taxify’s platform.

Apr 27, 2018 · 2 min read
Our team’s annual Winter Summit in Cape Town this year.

Since our launch less than five years ago, more than 10 million people across the world have used Taxify to move around in their cities.

This marks an important milestone as we’re growing at an ever rapid pace, bringing comfortable and affordable transport to more and more people. At the same time, more than 500 thousand drivers are now using Taxify to earn an income and support their families on a flexible schedule.

Growing as a platform

The past year has been our best so far — Taxify has become the fastest-growing ride-sharing platform in the world with our number of weekly rides increasing more than 10 times in the last year.

This has largely been driven by our international expansion. Since 2017 we’ve launched everywhere from Paris and Lagos to Sydney and Mexico City. You can now get around with Taxify in 26 countries globally.

How did we manage to expand at such a fast pace? — It has to do with staying focused on our riders & drivers. Great rides at affordable prices, always available. It doesn’t sound that hard, but consistently delivering that at a massive scale requires an immensely talented team being both data-driven and operationally excellent at all times.

“Taxify has been an exception in several ways, one of those being the rare European player in an industry dominated by large companies from the US and Asia. We’ve also shown that it’s possible to grow extremely fast and win markets without spending billions of dollars, by focusing on localisation and being frugal.”

– Markus Villig, Co-founder and CEO

Growing as a team

You can’t scale to millions of customers without a strong and functional team. In the last 15 months our company has grown from a 100 to 500 people, operating in 25 offices across the world.

From data scientists to city managers to customer service heroes, we welcome passionate people driven by autonomy and solving hard problems on a global scale. Together, we keep building the future of urban transport, block by block, ride by ride — until convenient, safe and affordable rides are accessible for everyone.

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