Taxify Launches in 3 Countries in August

You can now request a reliable ride in Hungary, Romania and Kenya.

Taxify is available in Budapest, Hungary since Friday, August 19th.

Budapest, Hungary

The local market is heavily regulated — all app companies need to own a taxi operator license, the cars need to look the same and charge prices set by the city.

This has resulted in one of the biggest ride-sharing apps withdrawing from Hungary in late July, leaving behind thousands of customers who want access to a convenient app with quality rides.

Seeing an opportunity we decided to partner with a local partner and comply with all the regulations. That’s right — for the first time in history, Taxify is a taxi company. With fancy yellow cars driving around the city and stuff.

The launch has been amazing — 5000 people signed up even before our first car officially hit the streets and the demand is growing faster than we can onboard drivers. We plan to add hundreds of drivers this year, but until then we urge clients to be patient and give us another try if a car isn’t available immediately.

Bucharest, Romania

Taxify is available in Bucharest, Romania since Friday, August 12th.

In the beginning of this year, a taxi fleet in Cluj-Napoca, Romania started using Taxify Dispatcher software. Once the news reached Bucharest, we quickly saw an unprecedent interest from local driver-partners.

We started to investigate and it became clear that the private driver market is controlled by just one transport platform, taking 25% commissions from every trip. This makes their earnings low and feelings frustrated.

After the word got out we’re coming to Bucharest, thousands of private drivers signed up to bring an alternative to the market, who could treat them better while paying +13% more on every trip.

We officially launched for customers in Bucharest 10 days ago. In that short time thousands of people have signed up and the number of rides is growing every day.

Nairobi, Kenya

Taxify is available in Nairobi, Kenya since Friday, August 12th.

A few months ago, a leading competitor in Nairobi has raised their pricing for drivers while lowering it for customers. This means that most of the drivers have a hard time making a living and they took it to the streets to protest.

As usual, we want to support local entrepreneurs make money, so we came up with a pricing structure that gets drivers 27% more per trip, while being one of the cheapest rides for customers.

After launching operations, we have more than 2000 drivers on the waiting list and hundreds of active drivers, who all want to join a platform that treats them fairly.

This exact situation made us enter the South African market earlier this year and we’ve quickly grown Taxify to one of the top transport apps in the country. Proving our point — sometimes less is more.

Thanks for supporting our mission of providing convenient rides to customers, while helping drivers make a decent income!

Stay tuned, as we have many new launches coming in September.

Taxify is one of the fastest growing transport platforms in Europe & Africa, with +700 thousand customers in 15 countries. We’re connecting passengers to reliable rides and believe that treating drivers better is the only way to serve our riders better.

P.S. We’re hiring around the globe — learn more.

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