Religious Figure “Buddha Boy” Under Investigation

Buddha Boy is a Nepali spiritual leader who is believed to be the reincarnation of Buddha. Ram Bahadur Bomjan became famous in 2005 after followers discovered that he could mediate motionless for months, without food and water.

Now, “Buddha Boy” is 28-years-old and is under investigation for physically and sexually assaulting his followers. These accusations, however, are not new. Bomjan has been known to assault his followers, going all the way back to when he was first discovered. In 2010, Bomjan attacked a group of 17 villagers, using the backside of an ax. In 2012 a Slovak women claimed to be held prisoner by Bomjan. These are just two examples of dozens of accusations against the “religious” leader.

This time, what’s new is that several devotees are missing, and the families of the victims are getting involved. Nepal’s Central Investigation Bureau is investigating the matter.

I believe predicting the indictment of Bomjan is tricky. Bomjan has dodged accusations before, and religious leaders have a known history of avoiding the law. However, Bomjan has a history of assault and the investigation bureau has taken this investigation more seriously than accusations in the past. I hope that Bomjan gets an indictment, so the lives of his followers remain safe.

Fun Fact: The Nepal Buddist Council does not believe that Bomjan is the reincarnation of Buddha.