Induction and Paperwork (fun)

Seren and Steffano

Today we all arrived promptly at 9am ready for induction and enrolment. I lie, Stefan was 45 minutes late. Anyway, We met most of our tutors for this year and went over an outline of the course. We didn't have to go through the whole enrollment process as it turns out because they still had all of our details from last year (WOOHOO!)

This morning was mostly mumbo jumbo but what really stood out to me was the option to do a Level 3 in Education and Training. Its a lot of money but it opens up a whole new set of doors to me and anyone who knows me, knows I like doors. Doing a PGCE after this year isn't something I had ever thought about but it is now a serious consideration.

We then went to the seed huB and were delivered more information. Mostly about seed hub. This was the presentation we were delivered (The following section is copied and pasted powerpoint slides. Feel free to gloss over):

— — — — — — — — —

Who are Seed?

Seed Creativity: Digital Marketing Agency

Based in Leicester, UK, Seed Creativity is a full-service media design agency and training provider, specialising in digital marketing strategy and production. We create dynamic and engaging brand identity, graphic design, promotional video, motion graphics and animated video production.

Seed Creative Academy

Delivered at our training centre, or externally, our training has a proven track record of success through inspirational and motivational personal development, career progression and creative enterprise. We focus on both providing learners with a great teaching experience and ensuring a positive outcome.

About Jon Prest

Jon has been delivering creative enterprise courses and modules for over 5 years, with both further and higher education partners, including University of Derby, De Montfort University, Middlesex University and Leicester College.

Jon Prest

We pass on my industry experience and knowledge to our learners, focusing on progression into the industry through development as creative practitioners. Our provision is based on the foundations of experiential learning. We have developed a strong ‘live brief’ training model for students to gain valuable experience by working with clients such as Recycle Now, Channel 4, Next and the BBC.


During this degree you will

  • Develop and refine your key skills and chosen subject area
  • Improve your employability skills
  • Learn to be more enterprising
  • Learn how to develop and launch a small business
  • Work with real-life clients on a lIve brief

Module Credits

Professional Development and Project Preparation — 30

Professional Practice — 15

Work based Project — 60

Creative and Critical Enquiry — 15

Professional Development and Project Preparation

Term 1

  • Project Proposal (30%)
  • 2000–2500 words
  • Hand-in 9th November
  • Point of contact Kim Newell

Term 2

  • Business Plan (70%)
  • 3500–4000 words
  • Hand-in 3rd May

Professional Practice

Term 1

  • Live Brief (50%)
  • 10 Minute presentation (25%)
  • 1000–2000 word report & 3 presentation boards (25%)
  • Hand-in 14th December

Term 2

  • Website (40%)
  • Include full portfolio & blog
  • Hand-in 10th May
  • Digital Marketing Strategy (10%)
  • 1000–1500 word report
  • Hand-in 10th May

Documenting your degree

Wordpress (Which I have no intention of using)

Each week you are required to:

  • Write a short paragraph about what you have learned that week, notes from lectures, feedback from specialist tutors.
  • Take photos and video
  • List your reading and references
  • Have an entry for every week on the course

Website Blog

  • Blog must have an entry for every week on the course
  • be full of rich media i.e photography, graphics, audio, video etc

BAPSCI Facebook page

Please regularly check the BAPSCI Facebook page for :

  • Notices
  • Resource and notifications
  • Opportunties
  • Personal messages or comments
  • contact details
  • presentations

Check every 24 hours

Resources and presentations will be emailed and uploaded to Moodle

BAPSCI Effective Learning


If you have a laptop or tablet- please bring to every session.


Make notes in every session.


Doodle, draw and sketch.


During the lecture there should only be one voice talking at once time.


Get involved! Ask questions, feedback and create conversation. Don’t over participate- let others talk and get involved.


Please bring your BAPSCI bible with you every week.

BAPSCI House rules

  1. ATTENDANCE. Every student is expected to attend every lecture

If you are sick or have an issue out of your control and cannot attend a lecture you will need to provide a doctor’s note or speak to your specialist subject tutor. Please also let me know-

If you miss a lecture without informing us or without a reasonable excuse you will be given an official warning.

If you miss 2 lectures without a doctor’s note or reasonable explanation why you couldn’t attend you will be called in to the college to discuss your absence.

If you miss a third lecture you will have a disciplinary form the College which could lead to dismissal or affect your overall grade.

2. PUNCTUALITY. Lectures start at 2pm prompt

Lectures begin at 2pm on-the-dot. Door will be locked at 2.10pm


We expect you as team to make your own systems and processes to make sure your achieve results.

  • Use online software such as Facebook groups, Pinterest, google docs, dropbox etc
  • Meet at least 2–3 times a week
  • If someone can’t make it still meet up and feedback to the missing member
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate
  • Swop numbers, emails and connect on social media
  • Respond within 24 hours
  • Listen and talk to each other with respect


This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Enjoy every minute and get as much as you can out of it.

  • Take risks
  • Think out of the box
  • Work hard
  • Experiment
  • Make friends
  • Go with your gut
  • Be the best you can be
  • Smile

— — — — — — — — —

My Main Man Jackson

SO today was quite intense on the whole information front. I have a lot to take away and think about. I need to add all of the dates to my diary and finish off my proposal ready for next week.