Calls will come, but it seems to take it’s time

The feature will be released when it’s ready…

No, I’m not a developer at Telegram, but I have developing experience, so I know how releasing updates and so on works.

For the last few weeks, we are doing nothing else, than waiting for the probably biggest update ever with Calls. This blog as well as the Telegram channel became a big destination for users, who can’t wait. Everyone really wants this great and awesome feature.

But no software is without bugs, and no software works straight without doing testing. I’m pretty sure, that same goes for Telegram too. Although the feature seems to be already implemented (but hidden so far), it may be not final yet. Next to fixing bugs on the client side, introducing such a big new feature like Calls to such a massive user base (Telegram has more than 100 Million users), requires a lot of server side work and scaling too, because nothing worse than crashing servers after the release.

So I deeply believe the release is close but we simply need to wait. I can imagine how the Telegram engineers are sitting like 24/7 in front of their PCs and trying to finish everything. They are good engineers.

So simply wait just a few more days / weeks 😉.