How to get the latest Telegram Beta version

Here’s how you can get the magic on your phone with the latest beta version

You want to be part of the cool kids with this glorious app on their phone called “Telegram Beta”? No problem! I’ll explain you how to get it.

Telegram Beta is nothing else than the preview for the next update for our beloved messaging app Telegram. You know, that you’ll get access to some nice features, other users will only get in some weeks, but you also need to be sure, that there may be a couple of bugs. Even some bugs that may delete your account.
Telegram Beta is only available for Android!

I’m personally in no way affiliated with Telegram and I take no responsibility for any damages.

steps to get the latest beta version:

1: Download the normal Android App (you should let it on your phone in the case the beta version is defect).

2: Search for “tgrambeta” or just open this link. It’s the official (I mean unofficial official) channel for the Telegram Beta Blog. It’s recommended to join it.

3: Scroll up a bit and search for an file called “tgrambeta.apk”. Download it, open it and install it. It may be necessary to allow installing apps from unknown sources first.

4: Open the just installed app and login.

Now you have this fancy app on your phone and you’ll get notified inside of it, when there’s a new version available.

To get information about upcoming features, just join this Medium publication (there’s a “Follow”-button somewhere) and join the Telegram channel.