TCC — Kitchen & Tea Room

Combining your favourite delicacies with an authentic Chai Experience

If there is one thing we love with our aromatic Chai, it’s a dish of lip smacking food that blends meticulously with it and creates an amazing eating experience for us.

At TCC — Kitchen & Tea Room, as much as we want to give our customers an unforgettable ‘chai’ experience, we want them to leave with a smile too. And what better way to do that, than to offer a choice menu of delectable food items, prepared fresh in our kitchen by experienced professionals.

Our extensive menu, designed keeping in mind our customers and their palate, when combined with more than 20 kinds of authentic Chai results in what can only be called pure happiness.

Come to our cafe´and enjoy —

Sandwiches and Tea

Sounds about right! Try from our wide range of sandwiches and a mild-flavour tea to wash it down with.

Pasta and Ice-Tea

This one is a classic even we can’t refute. What’s the twist? We give you our special, home-made ice-tea which takes you back to tea gardens as you enjoy our yummy pasta.

Bun Maska with Chai

A combination for all seasons, this one is a winner hands down. Want a quick hearty bite? Bun Maska with chai will solve all your worries and we know you’ll come back for more.

Poha and Chai

The indisputable combination for every Indian, poha and chai is the breakfast for millions of people in this country. Try our delicious poha with our assorted range of teas to give yourself a mid-day treat.

French fries and Ice-Tea

There’s always room for fries. Our crispy, tantalising fries with a cold glass of iced-tea can take away all your Monday blues.

To try our famous preparations and home-grown tea, hop it to our café today at Sector 16, Faridabad —

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