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15 Gift Ideas for Him

Knock His Socks Right Off!

15. Omaha Steaks Gift Pack — Surf & Turf

14. A New Grill

13. Tickets to Watch His Favorite Team Play

12. He's Your Rockstar — Be His #1 Fan With A New Instrument

11. An Apple Watch (if he is an Apple Guy or Android of Not)

10. Ear Buds

9. An iPad or Android Tablet

8. Be His Personal Cheerleader & Buy Him Gear

7. New Balls! (Minds out the Gutter — Basketball, Golfballs, a Football)

6. A New Best Friend (Woof, woof!) — If his schedule permits

5. A Gaming Chair

4. Manscaping Tools (Because We Hear Buying Razors is So Annoying)

3. Cashmere Lined Nappa Leather Gloves

2. A Vacation or Staycation — Getaway for 2 (We Recommend Kimpton)

  1. A Home-Cooked Meal. Pull out all the stops. Tada! (Because Guys Seem to LOVE It When It's "Made from Scratch")

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