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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Create an account on Tchyon.
  • Complete the Onboarding ( This would the last time you would ever have to do it ✨)
  • Head over to the Marketplace, where you can select the service you want to login to.
  • You would be redirected and already logged into the selected service.
  • You are done, you can do this for any new service you want to use without having to upload/verify the same docs on a loop.💥
  • Users vs Platforms: We as individuals were frustrated with having to complete different broken KYC flows for any new financial service we wanted to use. Platforms today make it easier to sell as opposed to making it easier to buy, which didn’t solve any problems for us as users.
    This led us to believe that we need to create a network, which would put power into our hands as users.
  • Visibility: There a lot of new platforms making breakthroughs in spaces like trading, credit, personal finance, etc. But not everyone gets the deserved spotlight or even traction due to high CAC cost, we want to bring new and prominent solutions to our marketplace. May the best solution win.
  • Saving on Time
  • Looking for new services



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