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I Think I’m Done Using Only “Natural” Beauty Products?

Photo of a light-skinned person with short hair and several tattoos wearing a mud facial mask and making a silly face.
Photo by Mutzii on Unsplash

Last spring, when the pandemic was just getting started and we were all fifty or so years younger, I decided it was time to purge my skincare regimen of big conglomerate brands and focus on buying American, buying independent, buying from BIPOC-owned brands, and above all, buying “natural.”

I systematically proceeded to weed out all of the problematic brands…




What is the total cost of beauty?

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Leigh K. Hoopes

Leigh K. Hoopes

Writer & Strategist. Elder Millennial, cat fan, bibliophile, TV fiend, beauty & skincare connoisseur, neurodiverse polymath, stargazer. She/her.

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