7 Guaranteed Ways to Improve Whatever You Are Doing in 2018

First and foremost, thank you to my partner, Ihab Mohamed, for helping me put this together for all those who want to follow their dreams!

One of the greatest things about or human nature is our desire to improve and grow. The Goal is to work your best in virtually every area of your life. Much of that growth can be attributed to learning and practicing several techniques that are universal. The term “Universal” can mean that everything works as effectively when you are trying to grow your business or your desire to get into the best shape of your life. The techniques are just sound principles that will yield you the kind of results you are looking for.

The goal is to develop a community that we co-create to be the source of the most uplifting and impacting information. We cannot do that without your help!

This initial teaching is a great way to “get the ball rolling” as it will help anyone who follows the information to increase results! Everything starts with your mindset. Did you know that it takes three positive experiences to wash away a negative one? Make the decision to get your mind right!

1. SHOW UP: The number 1 rule is to show up! 95% of all Success is at the result of just showing up! Just show up folks! You can’t get lucky if you don’t show up! All Successful people know that they need to show up! It means getting up out of bed and doing what you must do for the day. Nothing comes to those who sleep but a little rest and nightmare. Do the right thing, be early, and show up for your appointment or activity. Figure it out because all your life you have figured it out. You always have and you always will survive. You will never conquer what you don’t move forward to. Only in the water, can you figure out how to swim! The only way to fail is to now show up. Showing up is action. The greatest mistake any human being can do is not show up and not do. This requires faith, persistency, consistency, and discipline. When you don’t make the move, you stay stagnant and spiral downwards. Too many people spend too much time putting things off.

2. 100% PHILOSOPHY: The world has told us countless times to be cautious, conservative, and void risks, but that impedes us from going at 100%. Go all the way and hit the wall! Be 100% committed to your life, dreams, and goals! Stop doing things halfway and put 100% self into it. Doing things part ways never feels good. Highly successful people go all the way and take risk — Action Risk! When you have nothing, you go all out! You must show appreciation of yourself and believe in your abilities. You have to be show up, be motivated, and make the decision that you will do everything at 100% percent. Your goal is to become a 100% full living being and you will live a better life! Have the satisfaction of knowing that you can live at the highest level by going all the way with everything. If you go 100% everyone around you will work at 100% because you are the model for success. Teach yourself not to set yourself up for failure. We are all built to evolve and survive!

3. BE PRESENT: We are living in the “Multi-tasking” generation and the cold hard truth is that it is doing far more harm than good. People are flawed enough as it is. Sometimes we all have a tough time staying focus on the tasks at hand when there is text, emails, and phone calls to deal with. Anyone who goes as far to say that they are a great multi-tasker is not present in what they are doing. The problem is that you probably think that you are in the present. You probably think that you are being more effective by doing three things at once, but it is assured that you are not. How would you like to be making love to someone and have them stop to send a text, or have them stop for a minute to put their headphones to listen to music before they continue with the enjoyment? That would be a problem and as a side note, if you are with someone who is doing that, you should leave them before you are done reading this. It has become a badge of honor to see who can divert their attention into the most possible places at one time. The day is coming soon when we will be swinging the pendulum back the other direction and multitasking will be a dirty word.

The bottom line is that its rude, and it diverts your attention from what you are currently doing. Call it old fashion, boring, and slow, but you need to go back to doing one thing at a time! Many of us do not realize that we are hurting our children and significant others’ feelings by texting someone while you are with them. There is no suggestion of the unthinkable to some of you but when you are with someone, turn your cell phone off! You cannot imagine how stressed out you are getting by constantly interrupting your human interactions with technology.

Answering an email or text can turn a romantic moment into an intense business confrontation, as you break your attention from your loving partner and answer the jerk that upsets you with their communication. How much emotional energy are you wasting? How much fun are you missing out on? How much are you driving the people that matter to you, crazy?

Stay Present. Be involved in the moment. Even without all the current technological weapons, we have at our disposal this is not an easy thing to do. Many of you are someplace physically, but you are somewhere else mentally. You are consistently daydreaming or being distracted by your surroundings. It is hard to be focused. That is why people who are totally focused get such great results in life because it is so uncommon.

Thinking about the past or the future will not help your focus. Thinking about the past and the future allows for only that which is just thinking. The only time that you can take action is in the present, and the only way to be successful is to take action. Don’t get caught up dwelling on your failures from the past or worrying about the future. Neither of them will serve you. Stay present! Be in the moment and you will find that your time will be richer and your results, more abundant!

When you’re working out, focus on getting the best workout possible. Everything else can wait. Pay attention to how your body is responding to the exercise. Notice the release of endorphins in your brain and the elevated feeling you experience when it happens. When you’re working on a project, shut off all outside distractions. Focus on creating the best work of your career. Focus on taking your game to another level. Set new standards for what you do and enjoy the process!

When you’re spending time with your children, put your full focus on them. Notice the details of their face and the exact color and style of their hair. Enjoy the small details of their appearance and the unique traits of their personalities. Ask them about their lives to what they have to say.

When you’re with your significant other on a date, resist the desire to talk about finances or problems. Focus on them. Rediscover all the reasons that you fell in love with them in the first place. Romance them all over again. Focus seems so easy, but as you can see, it is anything but. Work on mastering this and you will see your productivity increase immediately. You whole life will improve because as good as you may be now, truly being in the moment will make you even better. And, as we started out by saying, the human condition always pushes us to get better!

4. EXPECT BIG RESULTS: There are so many things that will have an impact on your results, but few of them are as important as you realizing that you have to expect to win and win big! Remember this: If you expect little, you will get little. Henry Ford taught us that “thoughts become things”, in . He went on to say, “That the man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can’t are both right.” Women, Henry Ford say that at a time when men dominated the workforce, but it obviously applies to you too! If you are a B student and rarely excelled in school, or in sports, or in anything for that matter, you accepted that you would earn an average amount of incoming and live an average life. This is exactly what is happening. Life gives you exactly what you expected which was very little. When you realize that your past has nothing to do with your present or future, you become aware that a lot of straight A students did not earn the most money and that drop outs like Bill Gates were doing all right. That should always give you hope.

You can’t realize that good thing are possible for you: you must expect that great things are inevitable for you!

The Motto should be: EXPECT EXCELLENCE

Stop right now and be brutally honest with yourself and ask yourself, “What am I expecting to earn this year?” “What am I expecting to happen with my relationship?” Am I expecting to get in great shape this year?” One of the keys to greatness is asking yourselves these kinds of crucial questions! What are you expecting? The odds are that you are receiving it. Everyone around the world is earning exactly what they believed they are worth to the penny.

Certainly, the circumstances in your life were prohibiting you from the greatness you were expecting, right? The truth is that you didn’t expect outstanding income at the point in your life. You thought you were worth $250,000 a year, but not $2,500,000. That will be a major epiphany once you take ownership of it.

So the question again, What are you expecting?

We all have to think, so why not think big! Sounds like pretty good advice but the problem is 99% of us do not have the self-esteem that we should. We are all born to win and then programmed for mediocrity. All the friendly mocking that our friends did throughout school; all the “constructive criticism” we received from teachers, coaches, and parents; all of our short-term failures over the years, have lowered our self-esteem to a place where we are likely to expect average results from life.

So let’s reboot our brains! Let’s delete the lack of thinking we have on our hard drives and let’s do something that came very naturally to us when we were children. Let’s THINK BIG!

You should expect to make a million dollars each year now. You should expect to have an amazing relationship with your spouse or partner. You should expect to be in the best shape of your life! Why not? Each year teams begin their season hoping to make the playoffs and other teams start the season expecting to win it all. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out who gets better results. Stop focusing on what is wrong with you and start looking at what you do well. Then imagine yourself absolutely exploding your life to a level of excellence that you have never even expected, yet alone actually achieved. The good news is that is never too late to do this!

Do it right now! Believe it! You can have your dream home or your dream homes! You can have your Ferrari or Rolls Royce! You can have your ideal soul mate! You can have it all! Whoever said that you couldn’t was a liar! Expect greatness; Dream huge dreams and you may be amazed at the growth that you experience in virtually every area of your life!

5. MAKE THE NUMBERS YOUR ALLY: Some of us are left-brain dominant and some of us are right-brain dominant. The left-brain people will naturally think more linear and be more cognizant of numbers in their lives. Those of us who are right-brain dominant not so much!

So much of life boils down to a numbers game. This is a common phrase among sales professionals, but not with people in other walks of life. Making sure that you are doing the numbers necessary to win is almost always relative to what you are trying to achieve. Trying to lose weight? The numbers are very relative. Trying to find your soulmate? The numbers are relative. Trying to produce more and earn more? The numbers are undoubtedly crucial to your success!

What are numbers when you need to achieve and reach your goals? Have you ever thought about it? If not, you had better do it, and do it immediately!

Understanding the numbers and following them the way you need will make 100% of the difference! In Business, it is all about the law of averages. To understand, look at this example.

A sales person started to knock on doors in order to show amazing cookware. After a few months, the salesperson developed the numbers. The salesperson found that if knocked on 100 doors, he would get an average of 5 homes to do a display. At the time, the salesperson wasn’t a good closer, so he only closed 1 out 5. The sales person’s average sale was about $1,000 and made a 25% commission, so he knew exactly what action he had to take to get paid $250. He had to simply knock on 100 doors.

The Sales person needed to make about $1500 a month at the time to sustain a minimal lifestyle, so the bottom line was that he needed to knock on 600 doors a month to make $1500. Many people will argue that this is not a guarantee, but it’s quite the opposite. People can make a living doing something like that.

How about some of your friends who have secure corporate jobs? Was there income more guaranteed? They sure thought it was. For some of them it was, but for others who get laid because their destiny was not in their hands, it was in the hands of others who make bad decisions and were wrong.

Let’s go back to the sales person example. The sales person could not be fired unless he violated a company policy. The sales person income was more secured than his friends with corporate salaries. People who don’t understand the law of averages end up quitting. What numbers do you have to execute to earn what you want to earn?

The greatest message of all in this teaching is that you don’t have to be amazingly talented. With the example of the sales person, he closed 1 out of 5 prospects or 20%. If he never improved, he knew that if he wanted to earn more money, he simply had to simply knock on more doors.

Hopefully, you have better numbers that he did. What if you close 50%? That would mean you could work half the time to get similar earnings or work the same amount and earn twice the money. The law of the numbers is a great equalizer. If you want to out-earn your more talented peers, do more exposures than them!

Lastly, as we do more and more of anything, we have a tendency to improve which will make your success even greater. Put in the time! Find out the numbers that the big winners are doing in your chosen field of endeavor and do them yourself! If you try to do what most people do, and do the absolute minimal you can to get by, your success will always be in doubt. But if you do the numbers you need to do, and then some, you will sleep peacefully at night and attain all your dreams because the numbers will become your friends.

6. TAKE MASSIVE ACTION: This is what separates the winners from the hopers. Winners understand that having a game plan is important, but what ultimately matters is ACTION! Goals and dreams determine what we want, but action determines what we get! Wanting is not enough. You must take action and do with intention. For example, Bruce of company X asks his employees if they intend on sharing the company’s concept with at least 100 prospects in the next year and employees answer yes. Bruce then informs his employees that in order to assure their success they need to talk to the same 100 prospects, but do it in a week!

That is massive action! Most people are not willing to be “all in” like this in whatever they are doing and so they get results that reflect their lack of commitment. The good news is that massive action is not necessarily about the time you commit to something. It is more so about the energy that you commit to it. Always work with a purpose.

We all have friends who work out regularly and are in exceptional shape physically. Most of them commit one hour a day for 5 days a week to working out. That is 5 hours a week. That’s not a lot when you think of it, but once again, when they are working out, they are working out! Most of us are so conditioned to focus on time, but time is not the key. Putting in a halfhearted effort with something 10 hours a day will not yield great results, but putting one totally focused hour a day will! You must be present in what you are doing as we discussed in the first key to improving. Get into what you are doing while you are doing in then forgot about it, get tunnel focused on the next thing you are working at.

Most people simply don’t go all into what they doing. We somehow think that we need to conserve energy and go at everything at 70% and we will be good to go. WRONG! Do whatever you do at 100% all the time. Just don’t over commit. No one can be at peak efficiency 24/7. Try working fewer hours, but make those hours intense.

Go for it! Take MASSIVE ACTION! Don’t hold back! If you want to win at the highest level, go ALL IN to whatever you are doing and notice the immediate increase you will experience!

7. ALWAYS HAVE FUN: This is a major key to success. As virtually anyone who has gotten to the top financially will tell you, it does not happen overnight even for “overnight” successes. The reality is that nothing great will be created quickly. You have to earn success. You have to pay the price. The adage is: You have to work smart, instead of working hard is nonsense! You have to work smart and hard! ALL OUT MASSIVE ACTION is about knowing that success will take a while to achieve. It’s about “putting your head down” and going to work! The problem is that when you have your head down, you can’t experience very much. If you are driven to achieve great results, you won’t be happy unless you achieve them. Enjoy everything that is happening in your life, not just the peak moments.

Especially when things are not going as planned; especially then! You have to learn to laugh and enjoy the ride. Don’t care about what your critics are saying. They’re going to say it anyway. They will find a way to criticize you no matter what you achieve. Don’t live to satisfy them. Live for you; you and the people you care about. They don’t call the the Law of Pursuit, do they? You need to relax and enjoy yourself and attract success into your life. Being stressed out will not attract it. Being worried will not attract it. Being pessimistic will not attract it. Being serious will not do the job either. Develop an attitude of gratitude! Focus on being thankful for the things that you already have. Get happy now. You won’t attract the success you are really after if you are not happy now! One of the worst traps in the worst traps in the world is the, I’ll be happy when___ syndrome. That is the kiss of death. You will have no fun until you have achieved your goal, but the main problem is that the item you are perusing that you think will make you happy won’t! You will develop another I be happy when goal. I know because that is what happened to me.

Enjoy your life. You aren’t homeless, are you? Focus on the blessings that you have in your life. Don’t take them for granted. But most importantly find joy in your life. Find reasons to laugh. Never say, “Why does this have to always happen to me?” It’s because troubles will be attracted to someone who has no joy in their lives ten times faster than a happy person. You can doubt it all you want, but it’s true. If you are unaware of the law of gravity, or doubt its existence, it still works! This is not just with business. It applies to every area of your life. Are you going to wait until you lose 25lbs to be happy, or are you going to be happy right now, while you are doing what it takes to take the weight off? Are you going to celebrate each pound, or hold any enthusiasm until you have hit the 25lb goal? The obvious answer is, enjoy yourself now! The stress from worrying about it will actually work against you losing the weight you want to lose!

Trying to attract your soul mate? Are you going to attract them into your life by lamenting about your possible future as a spinster or career bachelor? Enjoy being single. Enjoy the independence and believe that you will find your perfect mate. But don’t wait until you find them; have fun now!

This is probably the key of the 7 keys to success. Ask yourself, how do you define success? If you are constantly having a blast, aren’t you successful? The ancient Chinese proverb probably says it best, The Journey is the reward!

We hope that these 7 keys to success have been of service to you!



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