A Look at Samuel

He drinks his coffee black like his soul.

Let’s take a look at our Corrupted Sorcerer friend Samuel and how I and many others build and play Samuel. Within this guide you will learn how you should go about building, playing and how to strategize as the powerful dark mage Samuel.

Introduction: Samuel is a high damage mage with a more aggressive and movement oriented kit to not only chase enemies, but to also stage counter-attacks against enemies on the run. To get us started let’s take a quick look at Samuel’s unique kit.

Samuel’s first skill Malice & Verdict is a kiting ability that increase movement speed in any direction. Though this ability can be blocked by minions its hit-box is small enough to be shot through gaps in minions to land an unexpected hit on an enemy hero. When using this ability by rapidly tapping on the selected target after the skill ends you will launch a basic attack immediately after.

Samuel’s second ability Drifting Dark is an empowering field that when Malice & Verdict is activated while inside of the ability, range is increased as well as damage and an Area of Effect is cast wherever the bolts of dark energy land dealing massive damage to enemies in the area. Be sure when casting this ability that you cast it in the direction you plan to move when the fight starts in order to make the most of the ability.

Oblivion is Samuel’s ultimate ability and makes great use during fights against high damage heroes that need to be withdrawn from the fight for a few seconds in order to burst down the opposing carries in an orderly fashion, this ability also makes great use during escaping and initiating fights to position around heroes to have the advantage in the fight.

Recommended Ability Path: I recommend upgrading Malice & Verdict whenever it is ability then taking its overdrive.

  • I recommend upgrading Drifting Dark second and taking its overdrive second
  • Finally I recommend upgrading Oblivion last and to not take its overdrive.

Game-play: Samuel is a mid-late game hero specializing in taking down heroes in groups and chasing down enemies on their own. Samuel is rewarded for being an aggressive laner or in a lot of cases using the element of surprise in the jungle to push enemies into favorable positions. I recommend using Samuel as a Jungle though his Lane is still substantially good in most situations.

I recommend while using Samuel to be aggressively playing but being mindful of health and energy pushing enemies in lane to their turret, using Corrupted Genius perk to regenerate health and energy from enemy heroes. Then helping Jungle invade for a good early game advantage to help slingshot yourself into a Broken Myth.

Early Game: Early game the main goal is to rush into an Eve of Harvest in order to gain sustain for long fights in the jungle, Eve of Harvest also boost the amount of health you get from Drifting Dark’s AOE heal. Early game we want to focus on our farm in lane and only when the lane is pushed do we roll into the jungle. Remember to play safe.

Early Game Build:

Mid-Game: Mid-Game we want to rush our Broken Myth first in order to build stacks while kiting with our Malice & Verdict while in our Drifting Dark in order to dish massive damage to enemy teams and minions. By now we want to focus on enemy kills, gaining gold from the bounty on kills will help you build defense for the enemy doing the most damage against you, though late game we will be building the opposing defense if it exists on the team as well.

Mid-Game Build:

Samuel built Aegis in order to combat the enemy Crystal though later he will build Armor for the enemy weapon.

Late Game: Late Game we want to be as aggressive as we can and initiate fights while being mindful of our team’s abilities and playing it smart making the right decision when to initiate fights. We want to finish up our defenses and grab Halcyon Chargers our other defense and finally a Frostburn in order to slow your enemies with your superior range.

Late Game Build:

Remember to be safe but be aggressive! I hope that this guide has been helpful to you and I’ll see you on the fold :)!

-SilverCompass & SteelSeries

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