Tweeted on June 3th

Is the Central Bureau of Statistics Creating Automated Graphs?

To me, it almost looks like there’s no human involved making the much-needed design decisions, so I decided to contact the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).

I asked them about their process, and they answered that they use Highcharts for their graphs with a specific style guide. Most of the time the editors of the posts are responsible for the design of the charts.

I already redesigned one of their charts in this Data Visualisation Redesigned for the Better series. The CBS editors don’t seem to think a lot about how the information is communicated best in their charts. Or do they have limited design options when creating their graphs?

It’s up to you which one you find easier to understand.

A CBS chart redesign from their post: Kwart minder nieuwbouw door woningcorporaties

This is part 7 of the series Data Visualisation Redesigned for the Better.

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