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Colourful Facts

Tweeted on: May 11th

Use avocado 🥑 for guacamole, not as a diagram please

The Dutch love avocado. Newspaper Trouw published an article where they showed from which countries the Netherlands imported the green super food. In 2016, the Netherlands imported a staggering amount of 433 million kilos. That’s a record. Four out of five imported avocado are for the rest of Europe.

Their infographic was an attempt to inform the public through a 3D pie chart with the shape of an avocado 😅. The problem is that our brain isn’t competent reading degree angles in values. To make it even harder use 3d effects while getting distracted by the shape of the fruit itself. We can do better.

This is a repost and part 6 of the series Data Visualisation Redesigned for the Better.

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