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TDeFi announces incubation of Scorefam.

TDeFi has onboarded Scorefam, a decentralized sports gaming platform in its acceleration program. Scorefam provides a new and creative way for sports lovers to earn while engaging with their favorite sporting and gaming events on a fully decentralized platform.

The Scorefam platform is powered by a Scorefam token ($SFT), it is a utility token built on the Binance Smart Chain to manage all the transactions for users on and outside the Scorefam platform.

The Core features offered by the Scorefam platform is Predict and Win gaming model where users stake $SFT to participate and win rewards by accurately predicting the outcome of a Football match from over 200 leagues, other than this, Scorefam also provides a decentralized Social Media platform where users can get to earn rewards while connecting with millions of Football fans from all over the world.

About Scorefam

The main objective of the Scorefam Team is to bridge the gap between the Crypto world and the Sports lovers. Scorefam brings the advantage of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to Football Gaming users. They offer a degree of anonymity and complete ownership over the game assets.
Scorefam offers an all-in-one service where users can do their staking, subscription, get their referral bonuses on football gaming events and also get other winnings on the platform with ease. These added features give Scorefam an edge over its competitors.

Scorefam platform offers 3 types of Predict and Win gaming types based on the Risk appetite of the players:

  1. Flexible Gaming — Flexible Game type is built for careful and less aggressive players. In this model, players get 10% of their staked tokens back if their prediction proved to be incorrect and win 100% of the capital back plus potential winning rewards if the prediction is correct.
  2. Locked Gaming — This is the least aggressive type and is built for conservative players. In this model, players need to stake SFT for a fixed period of time, but do not lose a single penny if the prediction is incorrect, however, the player will win 5% APY of its capital locked if the outcome is proved to be right.
  3. Multi-Flex Gaming — This is built for aggressive and big players. This model works on the simple principle of winners winning all and losers losing all. There is a big profit and loss margin involved in this gaming type.

Visit Scorefam’s website to get know information

Fans Connect

It is Scorefam’s Social Network platform where users can connect with millions of football and sports fans from all over the world. It offers a number of unique features which is missing in the current social network platforms like:-

  • Users can create league channels and invite their friends to join the channel.
  • Compete in the Football trivia in any league and earn SFT.
  • Earn more SFT rewards when users actively engage with other fans.

Scorefam covers more than 200 Football leagues including the most famous ones like Barclays Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Laliga, Bundesliga, etc. Its unique gaming models are designed by taking into consideration of different Risk appetites of the players.

The project has launched its MVP and is expecting its iOS and android app launch in the first quarter of this year. They already have a community of more than 8000 football fans on their platform. With more than 300 million crypto users globally and over 3 billion football fans worldwide, Scorefam is all set to disrupt the status quo of the Crypto Sports betting and prediction market sector.

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