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TDeFi announces the incubation of MetAmazonia

TDeFi is exhilarated to announce the onboarding of MetAmazonia , a real time, gamified metaverse, into our incubation program. Blockchain technology in environmental conservation has immense potential; its application can be used towards social economic activities, including conservation planning and wildlife protection programme implementation. MetAmazonia aims to use this technology to solve the problem of non-traceability of natural resources while deploying IoT technology to collect geodata to conserve & fight deforestation.

They are associated with the University of Cambridge, Imperial College of London and many more to conserve and fight deforestation.

About MetAmazonia

In order to lead, fund, and support initiatives and projects related to sustainability and environmental protection, MetAmazonia developed a platform to prove to the world that blockchain technology and metaverse can bring a huge change by positively impacting the lives of millions.

MetAmazonia is a real time, 3D, digital twin of 20K hectares of individual plots of real Amazon forest. The users can own these NFT lands and use it to explore the beauty of the forest, yield research data, vote on future developments and contribute in conserving the forest. The metaverse would break through the public apathy and it would allow people to see their contribution first hand, or to simply have a lot of fun playing.

About TDeFi

TDeFi is an Incubator and a lifetime advisory firm for Crypto startups. The TDeFi team strives to bring the best methodologies and practices so that the projects in our portfolio can harness the power of industry connections and a slew of services aimed at growth and sustenance. Our objective lies in helping the end-investor and user to seek returns in valuable startups rather than finding value in vague and underdeveloped projects. TDeFi flaunts 45+ crypto projects that comprise Vulcan Forged, Bridge Network, Sinverse, and many more. By advising and mentoring these startups, we intend to establish a world of sustainable and high-performance ecosystems driven by decentralization at the heart.



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