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TDeFi announces the incubation of SMS-iT

A 2-way omnichannel messaging tool that offers brands and businesses to stay connected with their customers within the Metaverse. SMS-it layers out a revolutionary technology that integrates 51+ smart features, powered by Artificial Intelligence and Automation.

About SMS-iT

SMS-iT is a comprehensive platform that connects many participants in the metaverse, such as brands, businesses to, and individuals in the metaverse. SMS-iT has onboarded approximately 2000+ users (brands and businesses) who use the technology in the metaverse and have seen significant economic returns.

Extending its services to all the blockchains in the ecosystem, SMS-iT offers the following solutions to businesses & brands, allowing them to promote their products and services to the retail consumers and capture their attention within the Metaverse -

  • Smart Marketing tools such as SMS, MMS, RCS, Email, FAX, Voice & Chat Apps, SMPP, Twilio Gateway, SIMCard IoT Gateway, Smart Database, Email software integration, personalized, segmented and targeted messaging, branded QR codes, Geo-targeted segmentation, and much more that offers brands a better market outreach.
  • Smart customer supporter tools like Metaverse Virtual Number, Q&A SMS bots, Online 2-way communication channels, autoresponders, order confirmations, delivery updates, status updates, interactive keywords, payments/receipt reminders, account updates, etc. These tools play a pivotal role for enterprises to stay connected with their retail audience.
  • Smart security and operation tools include account verification, user authentication, OTPs, 2-factor authentication, password resets, account protection, fake user prevention, detailed campaign analytics, tracking, logistics, etc., allowing businesses to keep track of the user activity and maintain platform security.

SMS-iT is the first of its kind smart messaging tool that allows businesses to run endless campaigns via SMS, MMS, voice, fax, email, chat apps, and IoT within the Metaverse. With the top brands entering the Metaverse, it carries a magnanimous opportunity to be their preferred communication channel.

About TDeFi

TDeFi is an Incubator and a lifetime advisory firm for Crypto startups. The TDeFi team strives to bring the best methodologies and practices so that the projects in our portfolio can harness the power of industry connections and a slew of services aimed at growth and sustenance. Our objective lies in helping the end-investor and user to seek returns invaluable startups rather than finding value in vague and underdeveloped projects. TDeFi and its partner fund TD.VC has incubated and invested in over 40+ crypto projects that comprise VulcanForged, Biconomy, Chingari, and many more. By advising and mentoring these startups, we intend to establish a world of sustainable and high-performance ecosystems driven by decentralization at the heart.




TDeFi incubation provides access to World-Class Mentors, Industry Connections, Technology, Marketing & Community, Exchanges, liquidity, and growth hacking partnerships.

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