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PRINCESS PROFILES: Jailene’s battle with bullying

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4 min readJul 3, 2014


Ever since I was little, bullying has been a major part of my life. The constant verbal and physical abuse made me feel like I was nothing—far from a princess.

I didn’t value myself, each day I became more and more timid, and I felt alone. I had three friends who were dealing with the same issue. Even with friends the pain of bullying never faded.

When I lived in Trenton I went to a Catholic school, Holy Cross. There is where my bullying began. When I was younger I had long hair and would constantly get called the “Rapunzel freak”. I remember one day two classmates had pulled me aside when the teacher wasn’t paying attention. One kid had scissors and the other held my arms. They tried to cut my hair while calling me a freak. I managed to get loose, but I was too afraid to tell. That was only one of the many events I went through.

When I moved to Burlington, I thought my trouble would be over, but I was so wrong. I was the new girl and everything was ok at first. As the year went on, my loneliness came back because nobody wanted to be friends with a freak.

I would come home everyday crying with my face red from all the tears. I remember coming home one day and my mom asked me what happened this time. I told her a girl was making fun of my new outfit. I said that I acted like it didn’t affect me and waited to cry in the bathroom. That was only first and second grade.

Things made a change in middle school. I was understanding church more, listening to the advice of my mom and siblings, and I learned to not let people have that effect on me. I loved myself and made a change in my life. I made friends through my humor and art.

I loved to sketch and draw comics. Through art, I discovered more about myself and the princess I wanted to become was suddenly taking form.

I finally took charge and became a stronger person. Now, when I see others being treated the way I was, I help them the way I wish I was helped. Bullying was a huge part of my life, but I didn’t let it take me over. Never again.

Like Esther, I too lacked confidence. I was afraid. But God’s word reminded me that just as he chose Esther to be queen, so was I chosen. I am a beautiful, talented princess. It can be pretty scary sometimes to stand up for yourself and what you believe (Esther 4:16). All it takes is a little courage. In moments of doubt or fear, remind yourself that God has a plan and purpose for your life.

I hope my story inspires you to discover your inner princess.

-Princess Jailene

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