The Light through the veil

Princess Profiles: Shaniya’s struggle with Abandonment

Born to a seventeen year old teen parent, my twin sister and I started out with the odds stacked against us. Like many of my friends, I grew up without a dad. As a kid I always wanted him around. I would call and he would promise to come and get me. For whatever reason he didn’t show up and I was left sad and disappointed. Like most girls I wanted to be daddy’s little princess.

From first grade all the way through middle school I was bullied. I wore glasses and had a slight hand tremor. The kids teased me and called me names like, “shake.” I also had a lot of trouble with reading and writing. I never told anyone about the bullying. Alone and afraid, I felt like anything but a princess.

I’m 15 years old now and no longer look out of the window waiting for my dad to come home. I have God, my heavenly father, and I also have a great stepfather.

My mom has always been there for me too. She’s a strong example of courage and ambition for my twin sister and I. Not too many teen moms are ready to be good parents but my mom has been there every step of the way.

Through my relationship with God, he has helped me conquer my fears and insecurities. I pray to him and communicate with him through my inspirational praise dance. I love to dance and sing. It is through dancing and singing that I found my inner princess.

I no longer wear glasses, my tremor is under control, and I’m an honor student. I am Vice President of my class and a leader in my community. I am really into sports; field hockey, wrestling, track and field. I’m even on the Reading Olympics team. I look and feel amazing!

What I understand now is that I have always been a princess. God taught me that I was not an afterthought. Before I was in my mother’s belly he had a plan for me. Jeremiah 1:5 says God knew me and loved me from the beginning. Even when I didn’t feel important, God said I am special. Sometimes life can be tough but just as God was with Jeremiah, so is he with you, and he will help you win in life in the end.

My story could have turned out so different but now I’m doing BIG things with my life and for God, and so will you!

I hope my story inspires you to discover your inner princess.

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