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Navigating Ever-Evolving Cyber Threats: Methods to Prevent Breaches of Security

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  • 91% of security breaches originate from phishing or spear-phishing emails [1].
  • Small businesses spend an average of $955,000 per attack to restore normal operations [2].
  • There are approximately 300,000,000 fraudulent sign-ins a day [3].

Then and Now: The Evolution of Cyberattack Methods

With the surface evolving and expanding, the amount of data and users required to be secured has increased exponentially over the past few years. Pre-pandemic, mitigation of cybersecurity attacks was primarily relegated to the corporate network. Company IT teams could readily monitor and control areas of intrusion through owned hardware and applications. With the expansion of digital transformation, organizations are migrating away from localized systems to XaaS cloud security appliances and applications, though this helps firms scale and cost-effectively address securing an evolving infrastructure, this too expands the number of opportunities for threat actors to attack — requiring businesses to be diligent and to readily adapt.

Proactive Microsoft Azure Preventative Measures

With the acceleration of digital transformation and adoption of cloud, providers like Microsoft, Google and Amazon Web Services and their clients are targets for hackers to exploit potential vulnerabilities. To meet these challenges, cloud providers have built platforms with an extensive array of built-in security features regularly updated to stay current with today’s threat landscape. Though these features are available, it is still incumbent upon the end clients to leverage and activate these features to secure their environments. Partners can support their clients to mitigate the recent highly coordinated attacks through the implementation of a couple of rudimentary actions.

  1. Organizations activating multi-factor authentication (MFA). Microsoft indicated that activating MFA would reduce the number of breaches by 99%!
  2. The second proactive measure is setting up threshold alerts and monitoring Azure cloud consumption to identify spikes and irregularities which can alert IT to audit and take action.

Supporting Partners through a Changing Landscape

As a leading global solutions aggregator and leading Microsoft distribution partner, TD SYNNEX has also been involved in leveraging its expertise to develop a new Click-to-Run™ solution focused on Microsoft Fraud Detection and pre-configured to enable partners to directly resolve these security challenges for their end client. This solution is the process of being designed to increase the security posture of end clients by:

  1. Prevent Attacks — Increasing your Azure environment security posture.
  2. Prevent a bill shock — Monitoring and managing your client’s budget/cost in your day-to-day operations. Reduce damage and risk in the event of a breach.
  3. Detect and Remediate Issues — Stop attackers at the door with MFA and alert your teams of cost anomalies, risky logins, and out-of-policy attempts.



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