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Tech Disruptors Thrive at the Intersection of Innovation and Influence

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Ask the experts: The value of vendor relationships

At TD SYNNEX, we have a vision for a vibrant and connected world. That vision isn’t possible without the technology, services and solutions that come from our elite line card of the best vendors in the world. These manufacturers partner closely with us to offer expansive global distribution and integration capabilities, especially in next-gen, high-growth areas.

  • Francisco Criado, vice president of NextGen Solutions
  • Cheryl Neal, vice president of new vendor acquisition

Thought-starter: What is an influencer vendor?

The IT ecosystem is full of vendors (or manufacturers/suppliers) who are changing the culture and behavior of how IT solutions are built and deployed to market. In many cases, they’re adding automation, artificial intelligence and other intellectual property to truly create a differentiated experience. These “influencer vendors” are empowering thousands of companies to re-think their foundational platforms and build credibility through new ways of thinking about things. Francisco and Cheryl both sit close to the heart of these vendors, so we asked them, “in your own words, what is an influencer vendor?”

  1. Analyst firms — There was an old saying back in the day that “nobody ever got fired for procuring IBM” because it was such a sound solution. The same goes today for vendors that are backed by these industry analysts.
  2. Endorsements — Large vendors that endorse smaller vendors give these small vendors credibility and relevance to help them activate sales and obtain funding or investment.
  3. Programs — In my area of responsibility, cloud vendors are building programs that help partners build a storefront, create content and recommend solutions where they can earn money.

Leading by example: Today’s models

With the rise in high-growth technologies, like cybersecurity prevention and mitigation, an average customer often employs more than 50 vendors in their IT stack. Companies that are finding ways to bridge these 50 vendors together and create an enhanced level of connectivity is paramount in how IT solutions must work together today. Model organizations are communicative, scalable and 100% channel-focused. We asked Francisco about picturesque organizations.

This or that: First-to-market or best-in-class?

Innovative and influential vendors face an interesting dilemma: beat the competition to market or perfect the technology. While the instinctual answer may be “first-to-market,” what if the customer isn’t ready? Friendster beat Facebook to market. Crunchpad beat iPad to market. There are examples favoring both sides, so we asked Francisco and Cheryl to share their thoughts.

Blast from the past: Evolution of new vendor acquisition

Whether you’ve been in tech for 20 years or 20 minutes, the channel is evolving. Adding new vendors to the line card looks differently today than it used to, and TD SYNNEX is being strategic and efficient in adding the right vendors to complement established vendors in the market. So, how exactly has that process of adding new vendors changed?



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