Our domain names (Due diligence series)

Yesterday someone wrote a comment to one of our articles on Facebook:


I started a discussion to ask why he thinks we are a scam, and it turned out, that he checked the Whois record of the www.tefoodint.com domain, and he saw that the domain name was registered on 2017–09–19. He saw that we wrote “Pilot of the system started in Q3, 2016 with a roll-out at the end of the same year. The government and TE Ltd. successfully managed the training of more than 6,000 companies in South-Vietnam.”.

So he suspected a scam. Just a few days after the Confido scam scandal, no one can blame hime to be suspicious.

Finally we clarified the problem so he wrote:

“Ok, this explains alot. Thank you for your answers. So much ICO scam, need to be alert. You guys seem alright.”

I promised to write about our domain names to clarify future concerns by the community.

So at first, we had www.te-food.com as the domain name from June, 2016. Whois record is here, Wayback machine link is here. As our first market was Vietnam, the site had only a Vietnamese version. We also had www.te-food.vn pointing to the same content.

Erik and our developer team started experimenting with Ethereum in Spring, 2017. Summer passed, and in August, when we decided to start an ICO, we started thinking about the name. There were several ideas, but since TE-FOOD as a brand was already well known not only in Vietnam, but in other ASEAN countries as well, and all our contracts contained the TE-FOOD name, we decided to keep it.

But we noticed that there is an existing www.tefood.com domain name, which is some Chinese company (which btw sells some weird egg products), we were afraid that the two sites will be confused by many.

So we wanted to keep the name, but change the domain a bit.

So in September, 2017 we registered www.tefood.net, www.te-food.net, and www.tefoodint.com and finally selected tefoodint.com as we want to emphasise that this is the international site.

We moved the Vietnamese site to the .vn domain, created english content, and pointed all other domains to that.

So this was the story of the domain name, and we will use ico.tefoodint.com as the main domain for the Token Sale.