TE-FOOD opens to Italy

TE-FOOD signed partnership with BIG GROUP S.r.l to provide sales and implementation capacity towards potential Italian customers.

The food industry in the mediterranean country is one of the most important industrial sectors, which counts about 56 000 companies employing around 343 000 people, and generating 134 billion EUR revenue.

What is BIG GROUP?

BIG stands for Blockchain Italy Growth. It is a new enterprise, founded by some food industry veterans with decades of sales and enterpreneurship experience.

The founding team’s core member is CEO and founder Stefano Sermenghi. Graduated in Economics & Business at the University of Bologna, he has twenty-five years of experience in the food & beverages industry as international top manager, travelling in more than 100 countries worldwide, becaming a proud ambassador of the “Made in Italy!”.

He currently serves as Independent Management Consultant and Board Advisor for Food & Beverage Italian SMEs, and Business Partner for Mergers & Acquisitions Company based in Milan.

Stefano also collaborate with Università Cattolica Sacro Cuore in Milan, running research papers in ICRIM on Food&Beverage Industry, mentoring the MIB’ Students in Master International Business courses and Executive Master courses.

Istvan Bessenyei, founder and CEO of Laurel (TE-FOOD partner) is also founder of BIG GROUP S.r.l.

Why is the partnership important?

While Italy is a developed country, its massive food industry makes it a compelling target market. From olive oil farms to wine makers, from meat producers to tomato farmers there are thousands of companies recognised worldwide, but at risk of being adulterated.

With a long time food industry professional like Stefano, we can effectively target supply chain companies and professional organizations to offer TE-FOOD’s services.

With a ready and tested product, we expect results already this year. As the first step, TE-FOOD will exhibit on the Seeds & Chips Global Food Innovation Summit 2018 in Milan, Italy, where Stefano and Marton Ven from TE-FOOD will present the system for the visitors.

TE-FOOD is the world’s largest farm-to-table food traceability solution. Started in 2016, it serves 6000+ business customers, and handles 400,000 business transactions each day.

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