TE-FOOD partners with QSM to enter Poland

TE-FOOD signed partnership with QSM LLC to provide sales and implementation capacity towards potential food industry customers in Poland.

QSM (Quality Safety Monitoring) is a Polish company that provides services related to the application of food law in food industry enterprises, including catering, helping to ensure food safety requirements. QSM offers substantive support in assessing and adapting the infrastructure and production processes to the quality requirements. QSM develops technology projects and consistent system documentation. QSM is a trustworthy partner that provides practical and reliable advice on quality and food safety management at every stage of the company’s operations, including the food supply chain.

The president of the company is Joanna Chociłowska-Chołuj, a graduate of the University of Lodz, Faculty of Biology and Earth Science, a specialist in the application of food law in the food industry.

She gained her 22 years of professional experience in a leading dairy cooperative on the Polish market by managing production processes, laboratories, and implementing quality systems and their supervision as well as current activities in the field of substantive consultancy for food processing and gastronomy processing plants.

The food market, which is supported by quality systems in the supervision of the supply chain, thanks to the implementation of the blockchain system, will be able to achieve tremendous success in the processes of traceability and transparency of food supplies.

Due to the signed agreement between QSM and TE-FOOD, the blockchain system will be able to be implemented in Poland in the areas of fresh products such as milk, eggs and meat.

The partnership is another step in TE-FOOD’s strategy to become the largest international solution provider of blockchain based fresh food traceability.


Joanna Chociłowska-Chołuj

Marton Ven 

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