TE-FOOD signs partnership with Telenorma AG

Blockchain is changing the world. Trade is changing. The tracking of products and the associated opportunities shift market shares; many industries are at a turning point. TE-FOOD is the leading system here.

For the launch of TE-FOOD innovations in the German market, TE-FOOD and the TELENORMA Group have now come together in cooperation. TELENORMA will be the implementation and distribution partner of TE-FOOD International in Germany.

“TE-FOOD is an outstanding blockchain application that is capable of demonstrating the benefits of positive change and unique opportunities,” said Gerd Schick, CEO of TELENORMA.

Gerd Schick explains: “The makers of TE-FOOD have convinced me that consumers have the right to know what they are eating.”

TELENORMA Holding AG, based in Albstadt, Germany, as holding company unites companies and corporations. TELENORMA Group supports retail customers and business partners in the development of innovative business models and opens up new markets and business areas.