TE-FOOD, Islah Venture, and PIHH Enter Into a Tripartite Partnership to Build the First Halal Food Blockchain Hub

Food traceability is one of the most justifiable use cases of blockchain. Within that, maybe halal food is the one where consumers desire traceability the most. Malaysia has a vision to be the world’s Halal leader. And Penang, as the most progressive state in Malaysia wants to have a leading role in that effort.

On the 4th of April, Islah Venture, a market trendsetter and a global leader of Halal Solution Service Providers, the Penang International Halal Hub (PIHH), an agency of the Penang State Government, A-Transglobal Logistics, a certified halal logistics company, and TE-FOOD International signed a tripartite partnership agreement to establish and provide traceability solutions for the halal food industry using blockchain technology.

Dato’ Haji Abdul Halim Hussain, State Minister for Domestic & International Trade meets the leaders of Islah Venture

The signature of the agreement happened on the Malaysia International Halal Showcase (MIHAS) 2019 fair, where Islah Venture represents TE-FOOD on its booth.

Almost 2 billion muslim consumers want to know if their food was processed in a way which is permissible in the Islamic law.

There are many steps of a food product from the farm to the shelves of a grocery store, and each step has to be monitored and verified to be halal compliant. If the integrity of halal compliance fails in any step, the product can not be considered as halal.

A blockchain based traceability system like TE-FOOD can provide the tools to ensure consumers that a product is safe to eat, but constant monitoring from a halal certification consulting company like Islah Venture is necessary for the proper implementation. The partnership between Islah Venture and TE-FOOD combines halal food expertise with blockchain based food traceability experience.

The cooperation enables the parties to establish the first international halal food blockchain hub for hundreds of thousands of halal food companies around the world to provide transparency to their consumers.

In 2019, the partners will realize a pilot project to establish the technical solution and the surrounding service portfolio, before rolling it out to the mass market.

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The State Government of Penang has initiated the development of Penang International Halal Hub to serve the growing global consumer demand for Halal product, service and solutions.

Islah Venture

Islah Venture, incorporated in Malaysia in 2013, provides solutions for halal initiatives to cultivate, nurture and implement the values of Halal integrity in various fields of business ventures through training and facilitation of accreditation program for halal certification.

A-Transglobal Logistics

The company, incorporated in Malaysia, is a service provider in the logistic and vessel industry with the aim to support the governmental and private sector for relevant products and services on logistics and vessel.


TE-FOOD is the world’s largest publicly accessible, farm-to-table food traceability solution. Started in 2016, it serves 6000+ business customers, and handles 400,000 business transactions each day.

Website: www.te-food.com

Telegram group: https://t.me/tefood
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