Why do food supply chains need blockchain?

Because TE-FOOD is a business critical application and needs a decentralized back-end for high availability?


Or because TE-FOOD is a global system which needs a geo-redundant back-end environment?

Yes, of course.

Or does it need secured data and encryption?

Yes, no question.

Or maybe because it needs digital signature for all transactions registered in the system?

Yes, almost every business critical transactional system needs it.

Does it need safe data storage and exchange?

Yes, it does.

The question is: could all the issues listed above be solved by „old” technology?

Yes, it could.

Then why does TE-FOOD need blockchain? What are the reasons to use it?

Because the data provided by the registered participants must be unmodifiable. Due to the significant distrust and suspiciousness among consumers, supply chain companies, and authorities, caused by several food frauds and corruption, logististical and food safety data which can be altered can’t provide credibility.

Because the data in the system is a common property of all participants, farmers, wholesalers, food producers, retailers as well. It must be stored in a common, distributed ledger to provide transparency.

Because the food safety related data all over the world is a property of all us and data accessibilty must be public and democratic.

Because the economic inequality is one of the largest social problems and we need a technology which helps to create a fair access to data, know-how, and income.

Because corruption is a global economic problem, and the food sector in emerging countries is one of the most affected sectors. Meanwhile, one in ten people will be ill from foodborn diseases, causing the death of 400,000 people each year. For the larger part of the world’s population in developing countries, deadly foodborn diseases are a real threat. Incorruptible food history information leads to transparent food supply chains, which can make a difference in public health, and literally save lives.

These are the reasons why we need an authority, which controls everything. And our authority is the technology, called blockchain.

TE-FOOD is going to implement blockchain, and tokenize its operation. Pre-sale is planned for November, 2017.

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