Wrapped in a Rainbow

The hues of the lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeet with indigo head, red eye and beak, lime green collar, leaf green back and wings and orange and yellow breast, eyein the camera. The bird sits among profuse cream-coloured palm flowers.

With those vivid colouring-book hues, Rainbow Lorikeets (Trichoglossus moluccanus) should stand out like beacons. But when a bird lands in a tree, the green disappears among the leaves, the purple among the shadows, and the red and yellow are neutralised by reflected light. If it weren’t for the chatter and shrieks — and the deluge of discarded flowers — you might never know it was…



Welcome to Tea with Mother Nature, a publication to start conversations about connecting with nature, gardening, sustainability, creativity and what it means to be a human. What has she got to teach us? What would we like to tell her about our interactions with her natural world?

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Bronwen Scott

Zoologist, writer, artist, museum fan, enjoying life in the tropical rainforest of Far North Queensland. She/her. Website: bronwenscott.com