People talking about Tea With Strangers on the Internet

List of places to learn about Tea With Strangers from credible sources that aren’t us

And also, sometimes it’s nice when internet stalking is made just a little easier.

🎥 A short documentary about TWS in NYC (by Erica O’Brien, a tea time attendee)
📝 Forbes: “How To Meet Amazing People Without Sleazy Networking: Insights From 6,220 Conversations”
📝 Boston Globe, “Groups are popping up so that people can just talk to each other
📝 Mashable, “I met a bunch of strangers for tea, and it wasn’t weird” (Duh.)📝 MTV, “Tea With Strangers wants to be your ‘Make New Friends’ Starter Kit” (We don’t, but press 🤷🏽‍)
📝 The Daily Californian, One girl’s story of going to tea time
📝 NYU Local, “Forget What Mama Told You and Talk to Strangers Over Tea in NYC
📝 HuffPo, “Creating a better world, one cup of tea at a time”
📝 The origins of TWS: “Strangers, but Not That Strange,” by Aaron Z. Lewis
📝 Bold Italic, “This is how you meet more San Franciscans than anyone else”
🎥 TEDxEMWS: How Tea is Made
🎥 Start Conference: Starting Tea With Strangers
🎥 TEDxTeen: Bringing Community Back Offline
👨🏽‍🏫 Tea With Strangers Facebook Page: It’s chock full of content that will give you a strong sense of our values and how we see the world.