this is what a person looks like after lesson planning and grading worksheets for 6 hours.

4 Weeks In

As of this weekend, I have finished my 4th week as a 7th Grade Science Teacher in the Delta. Teaching is messy and challenging, but I know if I can make it 4 weeks, I can make it through the year. I’m extremely grateful for the support and guidance from some of the other teachers at my school. I would not have survived this long without them.

“Survived” — this is a mindset that I am desperately trying to avoid. I don’t want to just survive the days. I want to focus on the positive impact that I am having here. Still, it’s hard to avoid slipping into the survival mindset. This is the most challenging job I’ve ever had and it tests my patience every day.

The most encouraging experience so far has been meeting the parents. Last week, my teaching team met with 3 different parents. Each one was just as concerned about his or her child’s future as we are. One parent who visited us is the parent to an especially testing child. She was concerned about her daughter’s poor behavior in class. She expressed her concern about her daughter getting kicked out of school and not passing her classes this fall. Concerned parents should not be a surprise, but it’s just good to meet people who care as much, if not more, than you do.

I’ve had a lot of interesting adventures outside of work since I moved to the Delta. I haven’t shared many of these yet, so for my next few updates I’ll focus on some of my more spirited experiences here.

To family and friends reading this: I hope you are well and living life to its fullest, wherever you may be!