Am I a Teacher Yet?!

The past two months were two of the most challenging and rewarding two months of my life. Three hours of sleep is a good night during TFA Institute. I grew a lot over those 6 weeks, as a person and a teacher. And after a nice break in Oregon and a weekend of brouhaha in New York City, I’m back home, here, in the Delta. Now it’s August 1st and I’m still not a teacher.

Lesson #98104: Everything is up in the air, always.

Here is my situation: For the sake of brevity, I am still waiting on my Praxis scores to get back, which are required to be certified to teach in the state of Mississippi. My school district in Greenville, Mississippi, wants to do an emergency certification which will essentially get me in the back door to start teaching this year. The Principal and School Board have approved it and we should hear back form the Dept. of Ed within a week or two. It all sounds promising, but it’s super stressful waiting to find out my fate for the next year.

It’s a waiting game at this point.

In the spirit of adventure and perserverance, see: