Pablo: get some followers!

Here we are, a new update for Pablo! Not only you can use Pablo on iPad now, but you can also re-name your lists and… Share them to get some followers !

PS: For those who missed an episode and are wondering what the heck is Pablo, then click here.

What do you mean “follow a list”

Well, if you are a teacher, or a language blogger, you may have wanted at some point to share some lists of vocabulary with your students (or followers :-). That’s exactly what you can do now with Pablo! Create a list for them, start adding some vocabulary, share them the list and let the practice start. They will be able to practice on your list, but not modify the content. From there, you can continue adding words to this list on a regular basis. Your followers will receive notifications of the latest changes.

How to follow an existing list

To follow a list, you need the “list code”. Each list has a unique code that only the author of the list knows and can distribute. Here’s what to do with this code:

  • Click on “Add a list”
  • Select “Follow”
  • Enter the list code, all set!
If you’d like to test it, I made a mini-list of Romanian, as it is the language I’m currently learning. So if you are curious, go ahead, enter the following code: IB0Irg0E

Sharing your list

To share your liste:

  • On Android click on the little setting buttons in the top right of the screen, then click on “Share this list”
  • With an iPhone slide the list to the left to show the “share” menu

You’ll find here the “list code” that you can share to whoever you decide to.

If you don’t want to accept new followers, or simply want to change the code, just click on “re-generate the code”. This will disable the previous code and replace it by a new one. Be careful not to do it by mistake, else the persons you shared the code to, and didn’t yet joined the list, will need the new code.

Comment trouver le code de votre liste

Télécharger l’application

Ready to adopt your own little Pablo? Click on one of the two buttons and start teaching him! Oh, and don’t forget to get a Pablo for your friends as well :-).

Pablo is a phone app for Android and iOS to help you keep track of your favorite vocabulary when learning a new language.
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