Teachable is Joining Forces with Hotmart

Ankur Nagpal
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4 min readMar 16, 2020


At Teachable, we have spent the last six years empowering creators to transform their knowledge into income.

Our platform has been used by 50,000+ creators, who have gone on to teach 30 million students, and in the process have earned over half a billion dollars (!!).

Every single day, our creators reach 20,000+ new students and earn close to a million dollars.

But beyond the numbers, it’s been awe inspiring to see the actual impact of allowing people to earn a living from their passion.

Today, we are excited to announce that we are being acquired by Brazil-based Hotmart Technology. This new partnership will allow us further our mission and to empower even more creators — now, on a truly international scale.

The first question I imagine you have is why.

Our revenue and customer base is growing rapidly. The broader creator ecosystem is hitting escape velocity. There is no shortage of liquidity or capital available to high-growth technology companies.

The most concise answer is: this partnership will allow us to have the largest possible impact in the shortest period of time.

For those of you not in the know, Hotmart is analogous to the “Teachable of Brazil,” while operating profitably at a scale three times our size.

Over the last nine years, they have built an absolutely incredible business in Latin America and Europe empowering 60,000+ creators to sell 150,000+ digital products.

But more importantly, their mission is almost identical to ours — while we exist to “empower creators to transform their knowledge into income,” Hotmart enables people to “live from their passion” (translated).

So, when we were presented with an opportunity to combine forces with a business that shared our worldview and values, operating in a parallel geography and in the process establish one of the most valuable creator-focused companies in the world, it became a no-brainer.

This partnership will also allow us to invest dramatically more into our product — which should both accelerate the feature roadmap for our creators, as well as allow us to incorporate specific learnings and expertise from Hotmart’s experience.

Moreover, we will be able to take a substantial step toward becoming a more international business. Hotmart has a massive distribution advantage in Latin America and Europe and we will be spending time exploring how we can use this partnership to expose our creators to a global audience.

Ultimately, that’s what this partnership came down to — we realized that independently we were each perfectly poised in our respective geographies, but collectively we are ready to take on the world.

I’m sure you have a lot of questions and we will be answering them all in due course.

For now, a couple of quick ones:

What’s the plan for Teachable?

Everything stays exactly as it is — we continue to double down on our brand, product and mission, just with more resources. We have a slew of very exciting product releases coming soon and our big biannual summit in a couple of weeks.

Incidentally, this move means we do not need to fundraise anytime in the near future, so we can completely focus on serving our creators as best as we can.

What’s the plan for the Teachable team?

The Teachable team is incredible. Their commitment and passion to our creators is what makes our platform so valuable.

The entire team — all 130+ of us, will continue to operate autonomously building Teachable out of our offices in New York City, NY and Durham, NC. We remain laser focused on building the best online course platform for the North-American and English speaking market.

Shameless plug — we continue to hire aggressively. If you would like to be a part of one of the fastest growing companies powering the creator economy, we would love to have you join us.

What’s your plan?

My role stays exactly the same — I remain the founder and CEO of Teachable. While this is exciting for all parties involved, this is still only a small step in our much larger mission.

Additionally, I’m incredibly grateful to both JP and Mateus for offering me the opportunity to join as a cofounder in the global business. It’s been years since I have been part of a founding team, and personally, that remains one of the most valuable parts of this partnership.

My commitment to our team, our creators and our mission stays exactly the same, if not stronger than ever before.