Scrambling For Curriculum After Memorial Day Weekend?

Grab these teaching resources for 6th-8th grade classrooms

Check out these newly curated resources for grades 6–8. Explore each playlist by subject, or access the entire collection.

Social Studies: Outbreak!

Welcome to the dark side of the Silk Road. Examine how interregional interactions led to the spread of the Black Death.

Science: A Lap Around the Gene Pool

Your genes hold the code to everything from eye color to tongue rolling. Explore the laws of genetics and the factors that influence our traits.

Math: Another Dimension

Time to steamroll some shapes! This playlist explains how to create nets for 3D shapes then use them to calculate surface area.

English: Smooth Transitions

If your students struggle with constructing essays or narratives that flow effortlessly, show them how to use transitional words and phrases.

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By: Eboni Hogan, Content Specialist

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