5 Tips To Cultivate Creation

Are you feeling a little uninspired lately?

Creativity is something that can be lost, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Creativity is an important part of living and thriving in the modern world. If you need some help getting your creative juices flowing, then this blog post has 5 tips for cultivating your creativity!

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1. Embrace Learning

If you want to cultivate your creativity, then make sure that you are embracing new things. Creativity comes from being open and willing to explore different ideas than the ones we already know. When it’s time for a break, read up on something interesting or take an art class or online course in order to get some inspiration. Creativity doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby. Creativity comes into play when you are discovering something new, or trying a different form of art than what you’re used to. Creativity is something that’s always evolving, and you should be willing to evolve with it. We must continue to look for opportunities to learn and invest time in the learning process.

2. Study

It is important to study your creative interests and dive in deep to have a greater understanding of the process. Creativity is something that takes more than just a couple of minutes. Creative pursuits often take lots and lots of time to have any sort of success, so it’s important not to be discouraged if you don’t see immediate results. Creativity requires patience and hard work, but the end result will be worth it. Creativity is a process and not an event. Creativity requires lots of different skills, so it’s important to be well-rounded in order to cultivate your creativity.

3. Push Yourself

You may find yourself in a creative rut at times, but we must learn to improvise, adapt and overcome during these times and continue to create. Creativity is about taking risks, so you should be willing to take a risk and make mistakes. Creativity can’t exist without being vulnerable or making mistakes. Creativity doesn’t have to look perfect in order for it to work — it has the potential of changing your life and the lives of others that are watching you. Creative pursuits often don’t come with immediate gratification, but that’s not something we need to worry our heads about if we’re still working hard towards them.

4. Practice Creativity

Creative pursuits often require practice, so make sure to do your homework and get feedback from others. Creativity doesn’t have a completion date, which means that you should always be practicing it; creative moments are fleeting. Creativity is something that can happen anywhere — not just in the studio or while we’re making art. Creativity happens when you least expect it! Creative thinkers also identify their passions and then use those things as inspiration for what they create next. We must invest our time into cultivating these interests if we want to continue with them because creativity will only thrive when there’s love invested in it at all times (and yes, this includes self-love).

5. Know Your Audience

Empathy Marketing is a new term that I learned from my great friend Nicte Cuevas. Empathy Marketing is the idea that we need to understand our audiences in order to better serve them. Creativity is about understanding, so it’s important for us as creative people to be able to empathize with others and put ourselves into their shoes. Creativity isn’t a one size fits all type of thing — creativity has the potential of being tailored towards an individual person or group. Creativity is unique and personal, so it’s important to know who your audience is and be tailored towards the end-user.

Creativity is an important aspect of life that can’t be ignored. Creatives are needed all over the world, from executing new ideas to making art for others to see and enjoy. Creativity requires patience and hard work but the end result will be worth it because creativity often takes a lot of time before any sort of success happens. Creatives must study their creative interests and not give up on them when they don’t succeed right away or have immediate gratification. Creativity has the potential to change your life as well as those who watch you do what you love: we need more creators in this day and age so please embrace learning about different forms of arts, take risks with your creations and be vulnerable. Creativity is an important aspect of life that can’t be ignored.

Check out Episode 80 Cultivating Creativity with Nicte Cuevas

Alfonso Mendoza Jr., M.Ed. is an Instructional Technologist, Podcaster, Doctoral Student, and Google Innovator that is passionate about education.

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