surveillance cameras looking down at two teenagers
Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

The Abuses and Misuses of GoGuardian in Schools

1. There are legal limits as to how schools use monitoring software.

2. Misuse of monitoring software like GoGuardian could make you and your district legally liable.

When teachers use technology to monitor behavior, students can come to believe that school is merely a matter of compliance rather than the development of a love of learning.

3. Over-reliance on monitoring software can interrupt effective teaching.

GoGuardian screen showing student computers being monitored
GoGuardian screen showing student computers being monitored
GoGuardian teacher screen

4. Using monitoring software for the psychological diagnosis of students can be highly troublesome.

5. Overreliance on monitoring software for mental health care can divert resources from reliable means to reduce student cyberbullying and suicide.

6. Misuse of monitoring software may erode teacher-student relationships and trust.

If schools seriously want to improve their students’ mental health, they must invest in school mental health professionals and allow them the time to serve students directly.

7. Overreliance on monitoring software for classroom management deteriorates the perception of teachers as professionals.

No technology can replace the intuition and knowledge that comes from highly qualified educators with years of experience.

Former educator, school librarian, and school technology coordinator. Learning will set you free.