The Importance of Staying in Touch with Your Child’s Teacher

Keeping in contact with your child’s teacher can help to ensure that your child is receiving the support they need, as well as staying on track with their studies.

Afzal Badshah, PhD
Teachers on Fire Magazine
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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” — Nelson Mandela

Behind every successful student is the hard work of their parents and teachers. When parents and teachers work together to help children, such children are sure to succeed.

On the other side, you can see great examples where there is no connection between parents and teachers and such children are lost. I myself have lost one such brother. My parents assumed that he went to school. However, I later found that he did not attend school at all. He obviously failed the entrance exam. This shows that it is very important to stay in touch with teachers.

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You must have heard that if a child’s education is likened to a building, the child, the teacher, and the parents become its pillars. If even one of the three pillars falls, this building will not be able to stand. For example, if a child is not active in his studies but the teachers and parents want him to study, it is inevitable that he will not be able to succeed. Similarly, if the teachers want to teach and the child is also studying but the parents are not interested, then the process of education will be hindered.

I have researched the relationship between children, parents, and teachers in terms of recent technologies. In this, teachers, parents, and heads of the institution are connected through WhatsApp groups and exchange information with each other to keep the children engaged with their studies.

Structure of communication between teachers, parents, child and head of the institution by Dr Afzal Badshah

Pursuing this idea, I formed WhatsApp groups in my institution. Efforts were made to include as many parents as possible in these groups. Absentee lists and homework assignments were shared among these groups on a daily basis to keep parents informed and equally involved in their children’s education. Phone calls were made to the parents of any child who was absent to keep them informed. At the end of the month, a parent-teacher meeting was held in which detailed printed reports of the children were given to the parents. Through this effort, parents who were interested in their children’s education joined the school.

Since it was a village school, the parents often had to leave the village for work and some of the students’ parents were out of the country. Because of this, communication between the parents and the institution was neglected and the children were becoming disconnected. After forming a WhatsApp group, all those parents who could not come to school due to their constraints were given the opportunity to stay in touch with the teachers and head of the institution and started receiving all kinds of information about their children.

Are you in touch with the child’s teachers and going to the school yourself to get details of the child’s performance from the teachers?

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