Esports Belong in Education

The rapid growth of the gaming industry has had a widespread impact on society and the economy. Gaming can be found everywhere — from movie theaters to shopping malls — but one of its most important channels remains education. In order to reach as many young people as possible who live digital lives in which online entertainment plays an increasingly prominent role, schools need to adapt. But how do you spread the reach of esports in education?

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Esports is a perfect match for today’s educational setting, which places an emphasis on collaboration and communication. Esport games are often team-based, with players working together to develop strategies for winning each match. It, therefore, provides opportunities for students to cultivate skills such as time management, teamwork, and leadership that will be essential in their future lives. Students can also benefit from learning the importance of integrity and sportsmanship, both in real life and online — especially vital when playing against others across the country or around the world. With its focus on competition, esports offers participants who are eager to succeed greater ways to develop grit.

Universities around the world have realized that esports is a great tool for teaching students’ various skills they need to succeed in today’s competitive workplace. In fact, gaming is now considered equal to traditional sports clubs such as volleyball and table tennis at some universities. It teaches teamwork, leadership skills, and strategy through its different game modes can be used as a form of team building and has been shown to improve psychological engagement in both students and their teachers alike.

Gaming also encourages creative thinking by providing unique opportunities to develop sophisticated problem-solving skills. I believe that these benefits are especially apparent when it comes to young people who might otherwise not participate in any other school activities or extracurricular programs. There are thousands of teenagers out there who don’t see the point of joining soccer or volleyball, but who have an innate passion for gaming. Esports presents a perfect opportunity to support and encourage these children while teaching them brand new skills that will benefit them outside the digital world.

It also provides something that many traditional sports teams simply cannot: equal playing chances regardless of ability. Sports like basketball are often dominated by players with exceptional physical features such as height and strength, which can make it harder for smaller people to participate at a high level — which is why certain schools might be hesitant about giving students access to traditional school sports teams. On the other hand, esports does not require any particular physique or athletic prowess; instead, participants are judged solely on their capability to think quickly and develop strong strategies.

Another reason why esports should be included in education is that it could help to improve the way schools are perceived by society, especially among young people. One of the main challenges school systems face nowadays is that students often don’t see a future beyond continuing their studies, which can discourage them from working hard and experimenting with new things at an early stage in their lives. As digital natives who want to do something meaningful for themselves as well as for others, Esports players might provide a great boost to education because they will not only be achieving personal goals through gaming but also helping other people while doing so.

Esports is a great way to get students interested in education by teaching them important skills for their future. Not only do esports provide an equal playing field regardless of physical features, but they also encourage creativity and problem-solving skills that are essential in today’s competitive workplace.

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Alfonso Mendoza Jr., M.Ed. is an Instructional Technologist, Podcaster, Doctoral Student, and Google Innovator that is passionate about education.

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