Like weeds, educators can persevere, adapt, and show resilience in the strategies we use to reach learners of all levels and abilities.

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Undesired edibles — that’s a more accurate description and name for what humans often refer to as weeds. These plants are often edible, hence that part of the name and ‘undesired’, well I think we know what that means.

Whether you call them weeds or transition to “undesired edibles”, there is a lot we can learn from these plants.

Weeds are resilient

You might even say, “annoying” but again this is all about perspective. They are difficult to control, to get…

When in doubt, look at grades from a student’s perspective.

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I’ve been a student for approximately 26 of my 31 years of life. For most of that time, I’ve had it pretty easy.

But that changed when I started my second master’s degree.

I could blame the challenges I’ve had in my program on that fact that I enrolled in January 2020 (two months before the advent of quarantine), but that would be a complete misrepresentation — in fact, I’m one of those “kids” that actually likes online learning.

The real story is that I tried something new: more specially…

Everyone has it, but you need to start exercising it and building it up.

It can be scary to share your creativity with others. However, it’s important that you do so for more creative ideas to come out of the process and give hope to those who need help. Everyone has different levels of creativity, but even if someone thinks they are not very creative at all there is no excuse because everyone deserves an opportunity!

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Most people have a fear of sharing their originality with other individuals or organizations, but this act could lead to creating new innovative concepts…

Kami is a collaborative, classroom platform that helps teachers and students build curriculum together.

Kami fosters engagement by giving you the opportunity to work with other people. It’s easy to use, and it has numerous features that are perfect for schools! In this blog post, we’ll discuss four ways that you can use Kami to improve your engagement in the classroom or at home.

Collaboration with teachers, students.

Classroom collaboration between teachers and students is important and having a tool such as Kami can help create an engaging and collaborative learning experience. This creates a strong support network for everyone involved that motivates them…

The ability to problem solve is an important tool for everyone to have.

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As a Math teacher, I am in a position to help students develop their problem solving skills. Throughout my teaching career, this has always been the one area we, in my department, keep talking about because of the importance of the skill. I think each teacher in their own way teach their students the best that they can to help them with problem solving skills. However, it appears that instead of teaching problem solving and reasoning skills, we sometimes teach them to memorize information in order for…

Wakelet has been my tool of choice to help me easily share information with my parents in both English and Spanish.

Many schools are trying to combat the growing problem of cyberbullying by teaching kids about digital citizenship. But there is a different audience that needs to be engaged with this issue: parents! This blog post will explore how you can use Wakelet to share Digital Citizenship resources for parents and help them make sure that they know what their children are doing online.

Digital citizenship can be defined as the way that people act and behave in their digital…

Augmented reality is changing the way we learn.

Let’s look at the ways that augmented reality will enhance K-12 education in public schools, as well as some of the challenges that need to be overcome for AR’s educational potential to be fully realized.

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Augmented Reality can be very effective in helping teachers enhance their in-person and virtual classroom experiences. With augmented reality, students can “walk” through a virtual environment or visit a museum in a different country with a headset or a mobile device. This could mean virtual posters on a real wall, or it might mean overlaying an interactive…

You will be surprised at how quickly your students learn the skills and start producing some amazing and authentic learning podcasts.

How can you engage your students in the classroom? Podcasting is one way to do this. Podcasts are a great tool because they can be used in any class and are not limited by time or space. They allow students to express themselves while also being creative, which is an important skill for future success. If you are looking into using podcasts as a teaching tool, here’s what you need to know on how to get started!

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There are…

STEM education aims to cultivate interest and curiosity in science, math, engineering, technology, and other fields.

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In the 21st century, STEM education has taken on new importance because there is now more competition for jobs. Schools are working to provide rigorous curriculum, instruction, and assessment that integrates technology and engineering into science and mathematics while promoting scientific inquiry and the engineering design process. The goal is to produce a generation of students who can meet these demands in an increasingly competitive world. STEM education has taken on new importance as economic competition has become truly global. STEM lessons need to…

I would rather prepare during the summer than leave work after 6:00 pm during the school year.

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I have always used teacher preparation time to do errands such as photocopy papers that I would not be able to do during the school day because of teaching in the classroom and meetings after school. Until several years ago, I would make lesson plans for the week and try to be at least that far ahead in my preparation during the school year. …

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