Weekly Global Education News | August 4, 2017

Update on issues affecting teachers, children, and schools around the world

Denied a Childhood

In one of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s poorest regions, the future of an entire generation of children is at risk […]
As of June 2017, field staff have documented attacks on 404 schools. Many other schools are now occupied by displaced people and military. More than 150,000 children are missing out on school. A primary school classroom which was looted during clashes in March between the militia and security forces, in Tshinyama, May 2017.

Education Data

A series of education infographics developed by the Global Partnership for Education
Source: Global Partnership for Education

More Children Are Out of School in Poor Countries

The rate and number of out-of-school children are strongly correlated with national income: in poorer countries, more children are out of school than in wealthier countries.

Chile is Going to Cover Climate Change in its Curriculum

At the end of last month, the Chilean president, Michelle Bachelet, said that climate change would become an obligatory subject for students to learn in the third and fourth grades of secondary school in history and science classes.

In East Aleppo, Clinics on Wheels Keep Children Healthy

After years of violence and destruction, there are no functioning public health centres in the area, and little cash among returning families to pay for private healthcare. Children and their families now rely on mobile clinics to receive primary health services free of charge.
Every day at 9 a.m., 25 health workers in seven white trucks start their journey through the grey streets of east Aleppo. They always park close to crowded bread distribution points to reach as many people as possible. The clinics-on-wheels treat more than 400 children and women every day for common illnesses, providing medicine and immunization services, as well as micronutrients and nutritional supplements to treat and prevent malnutrition.