Weekly Global Education News | December 3, 2017

Update on issues affecting teachers, children, and schools around the world

Children with disabilities are being left behind, says World Bank/GPE report

The study, Disability Gaps in Educational Attainment and Literacy, found that primary school completion for children with disabilities in 19 developing countries* is just 48 percent, and as many as three in ten children with disabilities have never been in school. The study, based on analysis of census data, also found that literacy rates and secondary school completion lag considerably behind: Only six in ten children with disabilities can read and write, and only a third complete secondary school.

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“Yemen Is One of the Worst Places on Earth to Be a Child”

Two years of deadlocked civil war and decades of chronic underdevelopment have left more than 20 million people in Yemen in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. Yemen has the most depleted water sources on Earth and almost the world’s highest level of malnutrition.
Two million children in Yemen today suffer from acute malnutrition; 400,000 Yemeni children are at risk of death due to severe acute malnutrition. Almost 90 percent of Yemen is classified as arid or desert; in peacetime, Yemen imported nearly 90 percent of its food.

Europe: educators unite for refugee children

Teachers in Germany and Spain are facilitating the integration of refugee children through the classroom, and now have clear demands for policymakers.
Two studies on the integration of refugee children through education were launched simultaneously yesterday in Bremen (Germany) and Madrid (Spain), showcasing the coordinated effort and determination of educators in Europe to stand up for those who need it most.

Kenya: African unions make early childhood education a top priority

Meeting in Nairobi, ECE national coordinators agreed to organise and mobilise ECE personnel in private and public settings and follow up on the implementation of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal on education: “By 2030, ensure that all girls and boys have access to quality early childhood development, care and pre-primary education so that they are ready for primary education”.

John Moravec embarks on global tour to redesign education

Education Futures founder Dr. John Moravec has embarked on a global tour to redesign mainstream education systems. Moravec asks, “In a world consumed with uncertainty and a growing sense of the obsolescence of our education systems, how can we ensure the success of ourselves as individuals, our communities, and the planet?”