The Last Tutor You’ll Ever Need

AI + Virtual Reality is the future of education.

Give raw data to an AI tutor. Not only could it recognize where the student is falling short in the curriculum, but it could also recommend tactical ways for the student to get up to speed. Instead of letting a student fall behind in the classroom, the tutor could help correct their techniques and teach them how to perform tasks and operations essential for future lessons. This stresses the importance of making sure a student is taught correctly during every step of their educational career.

Depending on the student’s learning style, the tutor could provide annotations, a narrative, or a tutorial voice throughout the simulation, or even just recommend other resources like Khan Academy at the end of the simulation. Some students learn better with feedback at the end of a simulation while others prefer it at the end of each trial. All of this could be adjusted for the virtual reality tutor.

With time, the tutor would get better at recognizing a student’s strengths and interests, then recommending assignments, projects, or virtual trips to enhance them. This would eventually be a more student-led experience. The teachers would serve as guides, advising and discussing with students outside the virtual learning environment.
“Virtual reality is that blank canvas for learning. Students will be able to try different simulations and go to new places, while the tutor guides them in figuring out their interests and passions. The tutor would not be the boss of the student, but it would be pretty good guide, providing tools to immerse them in some engaging educational content.”
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