At Teachmitra, Peer to Peer Connect Session is what we do. It’s a 15–30 mins short Video Chat with your Peer to Learn or Teach. But not limited to it, anymore.

Wait, why?

Our mission at Teachmitra is to structure peer to peer helping that happens at your home, school, college, workplace etc. This is very unstructured in the sense, you would not know and you would help your friend, collegue several times a week. Imagine you helping your friend in understanding some Math problem or teaching how to play Candy Crush or How to do a payment by PayTM…

Maths has always been a favourite subject of most of the Indian parents & therefore some push their kids into it. They try to do want not possible from private tuitions to special classes like Vedic Math, Abacus etc on for their child to become master in Math or develop a liking to Math.

But is learning maths really is so important or is it just because many of the highly paid career in today’s time need maths as subject to their basics which is not the correct thinking. I say this because most of the highly paid jobs will…

Henry Ford was onto something!

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young,” Ford said, and now new research shows he was indeed correct.

University of Texas at Dallas-led study found that, Older adults that engage in challenging mental activities actually improve their cognitive functioning.

Researchers took 221 adults, ages 60–90, and had them engage in some sort of mental activity for 15 hours a week over three months. Some were asked to try a new activity, which required them to learn, such as digital photography or even quilting. Another group…

First of all, let me tell you that I’m not a serial learner but like many of you I too like to keep my self updated, be it games, new skills, sports or in the subject I teach — Chemistry. I’m sure you would also keep your self updated. With the rise of technology, content is literally at our fingertips most of the time. Siri, Google and Wikipedia mean that we can access information faster than ever. As such, education has slowly moved from content-based to skills-driven. The question is- how many times a week or month in a year…

During school days, I still remember running to the friend for help whenever I used to get stuck up with any doubt in maths and science, then tell him

“Yaar,(buddy) you are the best teacher, you should start tuitions.”

Education is always been structured as a very serious process of facilitating learning, it’s been a least explored field by human race. Due to industrial revolution, it was developed in certain way which suited British & left as it is & we are still following the same model since then. Ironically, what we know about learning is that it is more…

The team at Teachmitra work extra hard to build a community based on trust and respect. We think this makes our community special and hopefully you think so too! Please help us continue this tradition by following a few simple guidelines:

Be Yourself, Be Real

Please be yourself when engaging with other community members. Spam and self-promotion are never received well by others, so please refrain from partaking in such behaviour.

Be Friendly and Kind

Teachmitra is a friendly community where everyone should feel safe and comfortable. We ask our users to be respectful in their interactions with others so that we can maintain a healthy and happy…

Wait, 1.1? When did 1.0 come out?

Well, yes, we launched in Dec 2016. Teachmitra is peer to peer learning platform. We only had made a very basic version of what it is now. Teachmitra then only could take your blog, video & only see the list of Peers & click on Give Help & Ask Help button (Which only sent us the request in admin & we would know that you wanted to connect).

Something different happened on March 26, hell broke out & we were hit by power of Internet. 3600 people visited us & we registered total…

Hi Peers! Let me start by thanking you all for your support, Teachmitra wouldn’t be what it is at this point of time with you! To say the least, Things are moving fast & we are loving it. From past few days after our soft launch, we have added/improved few things on the website..
Such as converting table into list form, Drift as the channel to directly contact us & a functionality that decreases admin’s work after peers click Give Help & Ask Help buttons.
I’m sharing some details here-

Turning Table into List 🖖

All most all the active…

Hi Peers!

First of all, Thank you for your overwhelming response! As of now, We have closed the registrations & we are Reviewing your blog, videos, trying to connect you to learn… 👩🏻‍💻 One more important thing that we are doing is, deleting the fake users. After deleting, the user is banned from using our service, his referral becomes inactive & his parent user looses 10 points. 💪

We are also replying those who have mailed us & asked us to redeem their points without reading our terms, we recently recieved lot of such requests. The major reason to this…

Wow, it has been 4 months already & your p2p network is now called Teachmitra. We thank our friends, family & lovely peers for voting the name Teachmitra. We loved it. :)
While many of you would be wondering about what Teachmitra is, we often use this one liner to introduce it:

Teachmitra is the peer to peer learning network! Here you can connect with peer to learn the skills you wish, without investing money”

At Teachmitra, We help you or connect you with peers or some expert to help you learn the skill you always wished to learn. We…

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