Teach Starter’s Values

Last year, we spent a few weeks working on Teach Starter’s impact model. This model was all about who we are and why we do what we do.

Along with our purpose and vision, we also spent time thinking about our values.

Six months later, I am proud to present Teach Starter’s values:

Care Deeply

We care deeply about our work and about Teach Starter. We care deeply for our team and our members. We truly feel their anxieties, their stresses, their fears and their uncertainties. It is our responsibility to help them succeed. It is our responsibility to make them feel confident, capable and supported. We care deeply for the children who benefit from our work, and the impact we have on their lives. We care about our impact on our community and the environment.

Pursue Quality

We pursue quality in all that we do. We pursue quality in ourselves; to grow and learn. We pursue quality in our work; to improve how and what we create. We choose quality over quantity.

Ignite Passion

We are passionate about what we do, because we are driven by why we do it. When we embrace that which ignites a fire within us, time disappears and our best work manifests. Our passion is infectious; it inspires those around us.

Choose Positivity

Mindset is a choice, and we choose to be positive. We look for solutions rather than dwelling on problems. Our positive outlook inspires us to create a better future. We are proactive. We take action and make things happen.

Unleash Creativity

Creativity is what makes us human; it is innate in us all. We are curious and playful. We give ourselves permission to dream, experiment and explore. We thrive when we create.

Embrace Change

To grow is to embrace change. Innovation isn’t inevitable — we have to make it happen. We know that change can be hard and uncomfortable, but the outcome is worth it.

Do Right

We always strive to do the right thing for our members, our team and ourselves. We believe in fairness and equality for all.