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TeaDAO Announces The Launch Of SENTRY!

TeaDAO Announces The Launch Of SENTRY!

TeaDAO, a Metaverse Reserve Currency protocol based on the $TEA token that aims to solve the NFT liquidity shortage, is pleased to announce the launch of its SENTRY tool with the aim of facilitating the growth of the GameFi market.

The SENTRY tool will make crypto more accessible to all investors of all sizes by removing barriers to entry into the sector by transforming data into meaningful signals that allow the filtering and discovery of quality projects in the space.

With this new tool, players can inspect, identify, understand and visualize data in a blockchain to obtain valuable information about Gamefi projects, which otherwise would be hidden in the current systems.

With SENTRY, TeaDAO users will be able to easily track and discover projects as they gain deep market insights into the GameFi industry and cash in on the early stages of the ‘next big thing’ in the game industry tied to decentralized finance.

This information tool Aggregator from the Teadao product suite is entirely focused on Gamefi and part of multiple services it will provide to both Gamefi projects and Gamefi Players.

Regarding this launch, the GameFi team points out that the purpose “is to help players find the maximum possible ROI through the latest analytics and rankings of every GameFi project’s performance, and NFT’s rarity and profitability”.

A powerful tool for a valuable market

The GameFi sector is rapidly growing and currently experiencing among the highest demand both in terms of users and volume of transactions in millions of dollars.

According to DappRadar research, Blockchain gaming is poised to overtake decentralized finance (DeFi) as the number one contributor to decentralized application (DApp) activity in terms of unique active wallets. Both the number of unique active wallets and the number of projects in the sector are experiencing exponential growth.

To take advantage of the opportunities in the sector among this proliferation of projects, gaming enthusiasts can use the SENTRY dashboard to visualize general information about the entire GameFi market and market share of the major projects, which are ranked based on various social, investment and ROI metrics.

In addition, the tool will provide detailed information on each project with a comprehensive view of the most important metrics such as token and NFT performance, volume in period, social performance; among other useful data for GameFi users.

Know the current trends in the sector, the ranking of the most prominent projects in GameFi or which is the dominant project; these are just some of the functions that the new TeaDAO SENTRY tool brings users in the GameFi industry.

The comparison function between two GameFi projects is expected to be available soon with the final version of the tool.

SENTRY is part of a suite of entirely new and advanced features that TeaDAO is planning to launch in the coming months, which also includes an NFT Price Feed, Bond-as-a-Service, Staking and Bonding, among others.

With its mainnet launch scheduled for 2022, TeaDAO aims to open up a new world by combining DeFi, GameFi, and the metaverse into a single multi-chain platform.

About TeaDAO

TeaDAO is a Metaverse Reserve Currency, solving the illiquidity of NFTs and enabling sustainability and scalability for GameFi projects by offering a unique NFT-as-Bonding-Assets mechanism. TeaDAO will be a community-owned entity, allowing TEA holders to shape TeaDAO’s future via on-chain voting. Initially, TeaDAO will operate on the BNB chain and Ethereum chain, though will expand to become a multi-chain over the course of 2022.

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