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Teads Engineering
Oct 23, 2017 · 4 min read

Founded in 2011, Teads is the Global Media Platform. We have united and empowered the best publishers in the world and distribute ads to over 1.5Bn people every month within professionally-produced content.

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We have offices all around the world

Our engineering team brings together 150+ talented individuals on 3 main locations (Paris, Montpellier and Bucharest).

We are organized in agile and autonomous feature teams and we also share technical knowledge within community of practices.

Our main engineering challenges:

  • We work in a very high traffic environment with low latencies constraints
  • Web and mobile complexity, we are trying to offer a similar user experience on a wide range of contexts (device, OS, browser, etc.)
  • An infinite source of Machine Learning use cases, ranging from ad performance prediction to ad delivery pacing and forecasting
  • Large datasets that we need to compute in near real-time (auction resolution) and even greater volumes for analytics use cases
  • We operate globally and constantly think about new products to build the future of the media

Being part of Teads means joining a group of passionate people in tackling great technical challenges.

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The Innovation Team brings together 150+ Engineers and Product Managers, we are based in Montpellier, Paris and Bucharest

It also means being a member of a team driven by the wish to progress together toward excellence (community of practice, reading groups) while remaining connected to the ecosystem (Meetups, conferences).

The advertising industry is an endless source of challenges mixing:

  • web and mobile complexity, we are trying to offer a similar user experience on a wide range of contexts (device, OS, browser, etc.),
  • great amounts of data that we need to compute in real time (monitoring indicators and forecasts).

In this fast-paced environment, we constantly have to improve our technologies and try emerging approaches. Here are some details about our operations:

  • Multi-Cloud infrastructure spread over 3 regions
  • 1M concurrent transactions per sec with third parties
  • 100bn analytics events per day
  • Prediction over 10^5+ parameters in 1ms

Our Engineering culture

We are all aligned towards the same goal:

To scale our business while continuing to create new and exciting products.

We’ve hired smart people with strong tech skills, given them the tools they need, and the opportunity to express themselves while reinforcing their expertise.

We look for pragmatism, entrepreneurship, autonomy and encourage initiatives.

That’s why the feature teams are the kings of our organization. We love technology. We love technology empowering the business even more.

We value end-to-end development: “You build it, you run it, you monitor it”.

We share knowledge and support with each other beyond any organizational boundary. We value spontaneous collaboration. Product and Engineering work hand in hand to form a tightly integrated Innovation team.

We embrace a “no blame no mercy” mindset. We fix issues during a blameless postmortem and learn from it so that it doesn’t happen twice.

We have dedicated team players and we work hard, but we receive great benefits in return.

Our evolving stack

Places where you can meet us

Some of the Meetups we are supporting:

Some of the past public presentations from our team:

We also sponsor events like Scala.io, dotScale, dotJS, Sunny-Tech and Devoxx France.

We are hiring, Join us !

Teads Engineering

150+ innovators building the future of digital advertising

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