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Career Takeoff — Interview with Software Engineer Assistant Andreea Grigore

Teads welcome young talents. We believe in learning by doing, and think real-world experience is a unique opportunity to build valuable knowledge. Under the guidance of a mentor, interns at Teads embed within a team and are assigned a project that fits within their internship.

After our previous interviews with young talents from our Montpellier and Paris office let’s go to Bucharest to ask Andreea about her journey to Teads.

What was your journey to Teads?

My name is Andreea Grigore and I’m 23 years old. I study Computer Science in Bucharest at the University of Bucharest. I’m in my third year of studies and in the future I want to work in this field. This is also one of the reasons why I started this internship program, to gain experience in the industry.

A friend of mine introduced me to Stefan Rogin, who is leading the team in Bucharest. Stefan invited me to a discussion with him and Miruna Toma — the manager of the Teads Ad Manager feature team in Bucharest. They asked me to introduce myself, answer a few technical questions and, after this meeting, I was invited to a welcome lunch to discuss the internship offer and details.

What do you do at Teads?

After I accepted the offer to join the 6 months internship at Teads, I began my research and work as part of the Teads Ad Manager (TAM) team. TAM is an application that is used by brands and agencies to build and deliver their advertising campaigns on our publisher partners' websites.

During my internship, my first objective was to gain more knowledge about JavaScript and JS-based technologies — NodeJS, ReactJS. In order to achieve this, I started to watch tutorials and practice by working on my internship project: the Creative Wall. This application retrieves and displays a set of live creatives on a single page.

These creatives come from Teads Studio, an application that enables brands to enrich their creative assets and create great advertising experiences.

The Creative Wall assembles creatives created with Teads Studio and retrieves some statistics

After completing this project, I was introduced to TAM by my colleagues. I am now contributing to the team’s effort, working side by side on smaller features and I am happy to learn more every day.

What does a typical day look like?

In the morning, I join the daily meeting in order to discuss the challenges of the previous day and the work of the current one. If someone gets stuck in their work we find solutions together and this is very nice: for example, what tests would be appropriate to be added for certain features, UI clarifications for corner-cases, release plans, etc.

I often present my work to my teammates, they come with suggestions based on their experience and they bring positive vibes. For example, when I showed them the main project of my internship — the Creative Wall — we found improvements and optimization strategies together for both the UI and the implementation.

When the lunch break comes many employees eat together in the kitchen office, share food and often someone brings different types of sweets. The kitchen is also a nice space where you can play ping pong and I tried that too. It was fun!

What do you like the most about working at Teads?

I think that what I like the most is the attention to people. From the first day I felt like I’m a part of the team, my mentor invited me to a meeting every two weeks to keep in touch.

The moments when my colleagues organize brainstormings are very nice, we work and have fun at the same time — it’s a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Another awesome thing is that periodically Teads organizes summits and team buildings for employees.

What did you learn about the working world from Teads?

At Teads I learned how to manage my tasks, my time and meet my deadlines. I also learned what it means to develop software as part of a team and what are the complexities that a bigger project brings.

The feeling that you can always count on your team when you need it is great!

Our team is constantly growing, contact us if you are looking for an internship in software engineering.



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