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Displaying Billions of Ads Per Week on The Open Web

Behind The Scenes

Format feature team mission: The Best Ad Experience Everywhere
  • finding a place for the ad on the page,
  • requesting an ad tailored for you in this context,
  • and checking if you actually watch it.
Across the world, this flow is executed 12 000 times per second
  • A generic and simple tag that is embedded into our partners’ websites.
  • A script that is called by the tag to detect if and where we can create a placement to run an ad on a given page.
  • A player, responsible for loading and playing the ad in the identified placement as well as firing tracking events.
  • Build: Actual implementation of the feature on our stack
  • Execution: Making sure it will work as expected
  • Impact Analysis: Measuring the impact and witnessing alignment with the initial product or technical expectations

Build Challenge

Step 1: Include this logic into our Format

Step 2: Retrieve the option during delivery

Step 3: Add this feature to our back-office interface for Publishers

Execution Challenge

  • A device, either desktop or mobile, and the associated operating system.
  • A browser, despite the convergence in the browser engine field we still have to deal with a variety of versions and a fast-paced release timeline. If a new browser version changes the way the DOM or the CSS is handled, it can break the UX.
  • A website, today our technology is live on thousands of sites, and the integration differs from one site to the other. We also support specific web publishing frameworks like AMP or sandboxing APIs like SafeFrame, a managed API-enabled iframe that opens a line of communication between the publisher page and the ad it contains.
  • An internet connection with varying latency and bandwidth. Many readers browse articles while commuting and can have erratic connections, we need to support these cases as well.
History of the Web Browser from Wikipedia

Impact Analysis Challenge

A/B testing

Other challenges worth sharing




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